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Google Places Guidelines

The following are just a few guidelines that come to mind when putting together a Google Places listing.

  1. Use a shared business email account if possible, under your own business domain
  2. Your business name online is the same business name you use offline
  3. If inside a “container store,” you can say (without the quotes) “Jamba Juice (inside Safeway)”
  4. Use your physical address. A PO Box is NOT a physical address
  5. If you must use a mailbox, it goes on the second line, after the physical street address
  6. One listing per physical location (exception: multiple practitioners at a location—see below)
  7. Service areas: Again, one listing per physical location
  8. If you do not conduct business at your location, select “Yes, this business serves customers at their locations” under “Service Areas and Location Settings” and select “Don not show my business address on my Maps listing”
  9. If your site has multiple practitioners (e.g., multiple doctors), each practitioner can have a listing, including one listing for the establishment. For example, a medical office with 3 doctors can have 4 Google Places listings
  10. Use local phone numbers when possible
  11. You must select at least one category from the list
  12. Categories depict what your business is not what it does (doctor versus practice medicine or hospital versus emergency treatment). This informations (what it does) can be listing in the description
  13. Not opened yet? You cannot have a Google Places listing


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