Getting Your First 1,000 Website Visitors Tip #6: Pinterest & Instagram (Growth Hacking Series)

In the last post, I said, “In case you didn't know, or haven't been paying attention, social media is kind of a big deal.”

And today, it still is 🙂

Not only is it the place to go to show pictures of your last meal and workout, but it's also a place where people now have a reasonable expectation that you'll ask them to do something, such as liking a picture or “come visit my homepage.”

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Go right now to Pinterest and Instagram. (I assume you have accounts at both places. If you don't, go set them up, now.)

Make sure your profile in each has your web address in it. You may want to set up a special page for each (i.e., “Welcome Instagram user”) and set your profile URL to that. Maybe even offer a special gift–just for showing up.

That's it.

People will naturally take a look at your profile often enough to make a dent in your 34 visits a day. If you only get one or two “lookers,” you'll still be ahead of the game and on a positive trend.

So make it count!



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