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I'm going to be quick, to the point: Go sign up for Quora.

It's like the old Yahoo! Answers on Arnold Schwarzenegger-strength steroids.

Let me tell you the power of Quora to an authority or expert (of which you are one):

I answered maybe 50 questions over the past 3 years, and none within the last year.

I've gotten 45,000 views of my answers. Heck, I got 500+ views of my answers in the past 30 days.

And I haven't used the site in well over a year.

Crazy, right?

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Now, not all of those views turned into website visitors. And I was too lazy to track which did. But I can tell you this:

Some undoubtedly did.

When I was posting regular answers to questions on Quora, I'd point back to specific posts on my site. And they always got a tiny uptick in traffic.

Plus, because you're allowed to post a link in your profile, anybody who clicks on my name from within quora is one click away from my site.

So remember that: Sign up for Quora.

And don't be a dummy like me – track your results!

Stay tuned. Tip #5 will be published on Wednesday.




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