My good friend, Rachel Rofe, gave me a special deal that I can pass onto you. It's good for the next 3 days or so, so hop on board as soon as possible.

It's a WordPress plugin called “Get Personal” and it's pretty awesome. Check it out.

WordPress Get Personal Example


Basically, the plugin uses a very well-known sales technique that has been proven time and time again. It uses your client or prospect's first name to personalize any page you send them to. If you tried the example above, you will see immediately how it works.

You can add this powerful WordPress plugin to your site (powered by WordPress, of course) for a super-low (actually ridiculously low) price right now.

I'm not giving this a review—it's pretty self-explanatory if you use the example above.

Just don't buy Get Personal from the page you land on in the Example.

Buy it here instead: Get Personal WordPress plugin


If you happen to get here after the promotion has run, comment below and I'll try to twist Rachel's arm again to extend the discount window.

Take it from me, Get Personal is a WordPress plugin that you will want to try. It's super-powerful.


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