I have found an amazing free web video course you need to check out right now! I'm only telling you this because I personally use this product. I paid for it, I use it, and it works. And they've improved it. Can't beat that.

Web video's are a great teaching tool, and a fantastic way to get your web visitors interested and "more involved", something that is often much harder to do with an article or sales page.

Web video is also an incredibly powerful way to increase your sales conversions!

Most online marketers are NOT using videos in their marketing because they think they don't have the skills to create their own, or that they lack the skills to create them, or they just plain think it's just "too hard".

That's "lamo" thinking. If I can create video, so can you. There are free tools out there that make creating videos super-simple.

Did you know the majority of web traffic on the Internet today is video?

Several recent studies are saying that by 2013 Around EIGHTY TO NINETY PERCENT of all web traffic will be video. Even now over 70% of internet users watch video!

If you're not using video that's a lot of potential visitors you are missing out on.

You need to start using video but you don't know how…

So how do you get up to speed quickly with the latest web video technology and the best video strategies to help you get web traffic and Google rankings?

What if I were to tell you that there is a free online video website that you can create a high definition video in minutes even if you have never created a video before?

What if I told you there is a FREE "MINI COURSE" that explains virtually everything you need to know about creating web video for virtually any niche and using it to get insane web traffic and killer google rankings?

Yep 100% FREE!

And what if I told you these guys actually know how to apply videos for internet marketing success and can give you the information you need to "clean up".

You would be interested wouldn't you?

Tim and Anthony Buchalka of TakeOverPageOne.com, are two Aussie brothers that have put together something that will give you the edge with using video in your internet marketing promotions.

Isn't it time you started taking advantage of the hordes of rabid visitors who consume literally tens of millions of videos a month?

Check it out here —
== > http://internet-marketing-muscle.com/go/web-video-course/

The videos these guys have put together will teach you…

  • The major types of videos that give the best results.
  • How to create videos, even if you have never done it before.
  • How to upload the videos.
  • How to optimize your videos for best web traffic and Google rankings.
  • How to siphon traffic from other videos to your video.
  • How to do keyword research for video, including how to rank for far more COMPETITIVE KEYWORDS than you would have thought possible, often within days!

And loads more.

Tim & Anthony even show you live Google ranking results they have achieved using video. Some of these rankings blow my mind and I'm pretty sure they'll blow yours as well.

Just one quirky 36 second video Tim put together and never got around to promoting gets around 100 views a day, of which around half click through to his website!

Create them once, promote them, and you're done. Web traffic on auto-pilot.

I suggest you run (don't walk) and grab this free web video course while you can and start applying it in your niche.

== > http://internet-marketing-muscle.com/go/web-video-course/

If you can use a browser, you can create web video!

So surf on over and grab those videos and say hi to those crazy Aussie guys for me.

== > http://internet-marketing-muscle.com/go/web-video-course/


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