*** WARNING — What you are about to read is Not Safe For Work (NSFW) nor is it for the faint of heart ***

I was at a business summit over the weekend and one of the featured speakers was none other than internet marketing legend, Frank Kern. Frank is incredibly successful and leads the penultimate "internet lifestyle."

Frank Kern and Bill DavisKern lives in La Jolla, CA, so that he can live his "beach bum" life, surf, smoke weed, and just hang out.

Oh, and make money while he sleeps, eats, and shits. Seriously. He didn't say that, but that's what happens.

In his 1-hour-plus "presentation," Frank delivered the following wisdom, in the form of what he called the "Kern Kommandments" —

  1. Thou shalt not fuck around
  2. Thou shalt not be a pussy

Pretty much sums up life, doesn't it? And I say "presentation" in quotes because he came–according to Frank himself–totally unprepared.

But he delivered a remarkable presentation that he's probably given a dozen times.

So what do those 2 commandments mean? First, don't mess around. Get to it. Set goals and pursue them without hesitation and with the vigor and passion of a man (or woman) committed.

Second, when it comes to doing difficult things, don't wuss out. Don't cower. Tackle stuff head-on. Heck, the easy stuff is easy; anybody can do it. What separates the average from the extraordinary is the extraordinary figure out how to get the hard stuff done. They don't run away from a fight; rather, they attack.

I loved the presentation and the message Kern delivered. This stuff can be applied to anybody that's been successful.

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  • I've heard those two rules of Frank's before.  I find any time I'm hesitating at doing something that needs doing, and I catch myself offering up an excuse as to why I can't, you can just ask yourself:

    "Am I just fucking around?  Am I just being a pussy?"  If the answer is yes, then stop it. 🙂
    It doesn't always work, because I am the most fucking-around-pussy ever.  But sometimes, it applies the required kick in the ass to get things rolling.
    Good post, hombre!

  • Great post.  After seeing you post that clip from Frank's "Core Influence", I remembered that I have that, and am going back and rewatching it.  IMO, I know Frank is an 'internet marketing' guy, but I find his best stuff is on mindset and getting shit done.
    I'm jealous that you saw the dude live.  😉  Sounds like you had a bitchin' time.

  • Yeah, Frank rocked. He seems like a really down to earth guy, but I guess that could be part of his persona/act (but I like to think not).

    I agree about the mindset / mental stuff. That's where he really delivers. The internet marketing stuff is good / great but the mental stuff is awesome.

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