Focus on Content, Traffic, Building a List, and Making Offers
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I'm a slow learner. It's taken me YEARS to figure out one very simple thing and I'm here to tell you today to please learn from my mistake(s). Here it is:

I have tried to do too much.

Every time I had a “good idea,” I bought a domain and built a site. I have hundreds of sites. Problem is, most of them are incomplete, lack focus, and are very ineffective in that they get no traffic and make no revenue for me.

Here's the lesson, in case you hadn't figured it out yet: Do ONE project at a time. Finish it. Do not move on until it's making a positive ROI. Build in updates, content additions, hosting, domain registration, and traffic costs (all traffic has a cost—you may think you're getting “free traffic” but you paid for it in time and your time is worth money—never forget that).

BUT before you even build that site, make sure you have a clear plan. Think of each web site as a “mini business” that is self-contained and can survive on its own. Now, it may be part of a bigger enterprise and that's okay—heck I highly encourage you to build sites that work together and build upon each other.

However, you must have a plan for each web site, and that plan is very simple. Your web site should have Content (why would anybody show up?), it must get Traffic (if nobody shows up, it doesn't matter how awesome your content is), you should Build a List (you want a list ready for the next part of the plan), and you must make Offers to your List.

It's really that simple:

  • Content
  • Traffic
  • List
  • Offers

Each of those items is a critical part of each web site you build. Leave one out and you fail. Note that none of them are static, either. With each, you have to do a lot of work in the beginning and then you have to “maintain.” For example, you have to add content (why would people come back?), add new sources of traffic, build bigger and bigger lists, and make better offers.

Simple, right?

What I have done is neglected to do a majority of those 4 things with every new web site. And with each subsequent site I built, I became too stretched out to build more while doing the necessary housekeeping and upkeep for my existing sites.

To summarize: Build one web site at a time. Build in your core content, devise a traffic generation plan, put steps in place to capture leads, and then make those leads offers.

Of course, this is an easy system. The devil is in the details. But now you know. This is an area where I have not focused well at all and I hope my failures have saved you a lot of time.

Focus. Do one thing at a time. Do it well. “Finish (knowing that nothing is every truly “done”), and then—and only then—do you move to another project.


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