Email Marketing Is the Third Pillar of a Sound Online Business

As you learned in the first two installments of this series ( and here), having a good webhost and quality content is essential in laying a solid foundation for your digital business. As I alluded to in those posts, there is a critical third pillar.

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That pillar is email marketing.

Email Marketing Is the Third Pillar of a Sound Online Business

Don't worry. There are only three when it comes to an online business.

Too many online businesses start without a hint that email marketing is even a consideration, much less a vital pillar. I know I did it. I ran a heavily-visited fitness site for years before I started collecting email addresses.

But it's not just about collecting email addresses. It's about engaging with your email subscribers and–yes–selling to them.

I think a lot of us worry that we'll seem “too pushy” if we try to sell to our email subscribers. Just remember this: Most people not only don't mind being sold to, but they actually like it (and want it).

Here's how I think of it. I encourage you to do the same:

You have a business. You have to sell something (otherwise, you don't have a business–you have a hobby). If you had a retail store, how would you handle this situation?

A person walks in. He has a list in his hand. He looks around.

Would you approach him? Maybe say, “Hi.” Start up a conversation…”Hi, how are you. Something I can help you with?”

Now, you may not go into full sales mode right away. You'd qualify your customer. Find out what he's looking for. If you have it, show him. Perhaps you delve a little deeper. What is he trying to accomplish by buying X?

Maybe there's a better alternative. Suggest it.

Selling at a physical locale is not very hard. It's really you matching what you have to offer with what your would-be customer needs or wants. Dig a little. Make a few suggestions. Point him in the right direction.


Online, especially with email, it's harder. Why?

Because it's a one-way conversation. And you may not even get a “Hi,” back from your email subscriber.

Maybe he didn't open your email. Maybe he didn't even get it.

Maybe he sees your email but you have never offered him anything of value (content, advice, suggestions, products) so he just doesn't open it. Maybe he's too busy. Maybe he subscribed three years ago and no longer cares about you or your emails.

The truth can hurt. But don't let it get you down. Get stronger. Focus more intently on helping.

Truth: Selling via email is analogous to selling in a physical setting. It's harder, but all the factors are the same.

Make sure you put together an email marketing plan–even before you build your website or blog.

A few things to consider when putting together an email marketing plan

There are several considerations to make when planning your email marketing program. They are, in no particular order:

  • Before you even start a website or blog, make sure you have a sound email marketing plan.
  • Get a good email service provider (also known as an “autoresponder”). Look for great deliverability, features & flexibility, and support. Price, as always, is also a consideration. Especially important: Make sure it works with Thrive Leads (killer WordPress plugin for making incredible opt-in forms).
  • Mail every day. The thought of this may make you cringe. But remember, you're here to sell and your prospects gave you permission to. But…(see the next bullet)
  • Always offer value, not just product.
  • Don't be spammy. If you're going to recommend some product or service, believe in it and use it. I'm talking to you, “affiliate marketers.”
  • Revise the plan as you see fit. Nothing is set in stone. Modify to suit your subscribers.

Now, I couldn't put together a full email marketing tutorial in a blog post. (I guess I could.) I encourage you to read my List Building Blueprint for more information. It's free on Amazon (Kindle).

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