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Among all social channels, Facebook is the one that has the most monthly active users, 2.23 billion.

This means more than 20% of the world’s population is active on Facebook every month.

Can you guess how many Facebook pages exist? 50 million? 60? 70?

Not correct.

As of May 2018, there were more than 80 million Facebook business pages.

And we as marketers have to try to be more unique than the other 79,999,999 marketers. Yeah, probably that sounds something impossible. Well, instead of being different, let’s try to give the best value we can to our audience.

Eight effective tips to help you as a marketer to get the most from your Facebook business page for 2019

1. Get rid of promotional content and make more educational, fun content

Graph of the 80/20 social media content rule

2. Only use Facebook ads for selling your product or service

You read it correctly.

We’ve already talked on the first point, that you shouldn’t put any promotional content in your organic posts. People hate that.

Instead of it, you can run engaging ads on Facebook and get new users/sales for your product or service.

3. Conduct webinars and provide valuable information to your audience

Webinars can help you to:

– Stay connected with your current customers

– Make announcements about your products or services

– Talk about niche related topics

– Connect with a wider/new audience and tell them about your services

Webinars are a little bit underrated among Facebook marketing, but they can become a huge weapon for increasing your engagement and driving more sales.

4. Use Facebook insights wisely and make decisions based on your data

Make the most of the data that Facebook Insights provides about your right audience for targeting and marketing. Here is a short list:

  • Page views, reviews, likes, reach, recommendations, post engagements, and followers.
  • Audience behavior, buying patterns, demographic, and geographic locations.
  • Posts reach for both organic and paid strategy. Here you can also add custom timing, to better understand post reactions.
  • Traffic source like Google or your website.
  • Activity details such as “get direction clicks”, “website clicks”, and “action button clicks”.
  • Post engagements and shares.
  • If you often hold events, it will show “people reached”, “event page views” and more.
  • Videos’ performance and engagements.
  • There are also other statistics that you can find when going through Facebook Insights in order to make better marketing decisions.

5. Use Facebook polls and get feedback from your audience

Conducting polls is a very interesting way of engaging your audience. Why?

Let me give you a quick example. People love playing games everywhere. And why not think about a game idea and give your customers something each week?

Why will it work?

  • It’s fun. People like to have fun on social media, and you can give them that opportunity by conducting one for them.
  • They’ll get something in return if they win the game. You have to think of interesting rules of your game.
  • Engagement rate for polls is really high. And if you make the content of your polls interesting, you really have chances for getting good results from it.

6. Build a Facebook group in your niche and discuss interesting topics there

Facebook groups are a little bit underrated nowadays. But I can’t really find the reason why.

WordStream reports that more than 100 million Facebook users belong to meaningful Facebook communities. Why not build another great community on Facebook who can ask questions, discuss some topics, and gather an active community around your brand name?

People love communities. They love to meet new people on social media and discuss their problems, ideas with others. And also they love to hear what other people talk about their minds.

7. Reply to any activity on your page positively

Whatever happens on your page you must react promptly before any other person․ Any activity should be under your control.

In the past, where bots or automatic answers weren’t available in Facebook, it was a little bit harder to react to all the activity happening on your Facebook page in a short time.

But now you can set chat-bots and automate the whole messaging process of your page.

8. Always analyze your competitors and keep an eye on them

Do you know what’s the ranking of your page among your Facebook competitors? There are several tools and ways that you can use to analyze your competitors for generating new ideas for your page.

If we start from the beginning, the first thing to analyze is the kind of posts your competitors making on their page.


Facebook marketing tips haven’t changed a lot since the last year. Usually, marketers underrate some tools Facebook provides, such as groups and polls. If you understand how you can bring value to your audience by using these tools, they’ll be effective for you.

Roman Daneghyan is the Chief Marketing Officer at Renderforest. He can be found on Twitter @roman_daneghyan.

Source: Eight tips to get the most from your Facebook business page in 2019


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