STOP looking for the easy button. Success is hard. Embrace that shit.


“Push button.”


It's all bullshit. Nothing good comes from zero effort.

Of course, I applaud you if you've made a system that allows you to work a couple hours a day. But you're still putting in the effort.

If you haven't figured it all out yet, I bet I know why:

You're still looking for “easy.”

F#$%@% that. NOTHING worth doing is easy.

In fact, it SHOULD BE hard, at least at the beginning.

Know why? Because that's how you learn: You try, fail, make adjustments, try again.

Keep trying, modifying, tweaking.

But keep pushing through.

Don't EVER let “easy” or “push-button” or “hands-free” be your guide.

They are the Devil. They'll keep you where you are.

Next time you see a pitch for something that supposedly is “easy” or “push button” or “hands-free,” RUN.

Don't walk. Don't pass go. Don't collect six figures.

Go straight to Shiny Object Jail.

Put yourself on a time-out.

I saw a post last night by a friend, a very successful real estate investor (he builds multi-million dollar homes) who said “The most dangerous place is staying inside your comfort zone.”

I disagree. And disagreed publicly with him.

Here's the key to success. I'm not kidding.

Get better at your craft. Get really good at it. Like better than everybody else. Expand your comfort zone by being really good.

Spend the 10,000 hours.

Try. Fail. Change. Get better. Repeat.

Success in anything requires it. It's a constant feedback loop. Pay attention to your failures. Learn from them.

Then kick failure in the nuts.

Have a grand day, and don't forget to kick ass today.

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