Dumb IT guySo I'm at my networking meeting this morning that we have every Wednesday morning and I ask one of the members, "How do I find you online?"

Note that I tried to visit his website last night. I looked at his business card and tried the URL listed. No luck.

Then I went to our networking group's website. Hmmm. A different URL, but it doesn't work, either. I turn to Google. I can't find him, by name, by company name, or by either URL I just tried.

He says, "You can find me but I…" (something mostly unintelligible, but I did catch, "I do that on purpose") "It's called Google Places."

Um, no. Can't find you there, either. I know, I didn't look hard enough. Or type the right search syntax. Right. My fault I can't find you 🙂

When I reminded him that this is a networking group whose purpose is to exchange leads, and the people I'm going to refer to you most likely will check you out before hand (by going to your website to find out about all the wonderful services you offer, among other things), he says, "Tell them to email me."

Hold on a minute, pardner! Really?

He starts backtracking. He says he'll put up a website. I say, "Don't do it for me. I'm just trying to help you out. You look like an illegitimate business without a working website…"

(I guess it would be one thing NOT to have a website, but quite another to purportedly have one–it's on his business card, after all–that doesn't work. I mean, type in the URL and you get to a parked domain on GoDaddy.)

Really dumb IT guy

Especially since he's the "technology guy" of the group! I don't know whether:

  • I'm missing something because my business world revolves around websites and the internet and it's preposterous to me that a business doesn't have a web presence nowadays when you can set up a website in less than 5 minutes,
  • He's just plain stupid, or…
  • What the hell?

The technology guy with the CISSP on his business card and who brags about his Microsoft MVP status…if his website doesn't exist, maybe those certs don't exist, either.

Now, I'm not saying the guy doesn't know his stuff; in all honesty, I have no idea.

What I am saying is he's created doubt in my mind–and anybody's mind who gets his business card and tries to visit his website–before he's even opened his mouth.

To somehow imply that he holds the "secret sauce" and his web strategy is to purposely direct prospects to several websites that don't exist is dumb.

Really dumb. Really, really dumb.

Please add to this discussion in the Comments. I'd love to hear a counterpoint argument on this because he didn't give me one. Or maybe I am the dumb one.


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  • Hi Bill. This reminds me of a time when I was working in a retail store, and a woman approached me proposing to work for her husband, who was supposedly the CEO of a major corporation. He had tried contacting me a few times during the day, but back then I was a full-time student… so I kept missing his calls.
    When I attempted to call the number on the business card she had given me, I got a message which included only minimal information on the company. No voice messaging integration, no additional number to call, no person answering the phone… and this was the case in the evening as well as during normal working hours, as occasionally I was available in the daytime. I decided to look up the website address noted on the card, and all I could see on the 'Home' page was a request for password to login.
    Nothing about this company's marketing or customer service infrastructure seemed professional. I didn't know if it was a network marketing opportunity (which if it was, I have nothing against), or some type of scam… but it was definitely a turn-off from my perspective. I'm certain that most individuals would agree that whether this was done by negligence or even worse, on purspose, is insulting.
    Great posts Bill… Keep 'em coming!

  • This article actually echoes one of our slogans as a web design company: "Your website is your company's first impression.Together, we can make it a lasting one". 
    The tech industry is equally divided between the young blood pushing things ahead (Many old timers still have young blood in them!), or the people who can't seem to get over Windows 98. 
    And technology credentials/certifications minus a university degree are pretty much meaningless. 
    I would've loved to see this scenario on video, haha. 

  • @ Vert–I wish I had it on video! Even though I totally embrace the web and other technology, I really was just trying to help this guy. I have thought about this a lot in the past 24 hours and still cannot fathom why he would choose to do this on purpose.

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