I just did a little video on how to set up account using SEnuke. It's up on YouTube but you can watch it here and comment. First 10 folks who leave a comment get a free social media book.

You will have to register in order to comment. Full disclosure: Registering adds you to my email list. If you don't want emails from me, don't try to leave a comment 🙂

Don't say I didn't warn you!

On the other hand, if you do become a free subscriber, you're in for a blast. I treat my subscribers VERY well!


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  • Hi Bill
    do you see the latest algorithym change by goole having any impact on these type of automated systems
    i am fairly new to all this but am sat on the fence about buying SENuke, there seems to be so much mis information on automated tools, backlinking and SEO that it leaves you bewildered as to which way to turn

    • @ Ken I hear ya! My take on automation is this: It’s stuff I was going to do anyway but I use power tools to do what normal handtools would do, only faster, leaving me time to plan and strategize rather than do all of this manually. I don’t advocate using any of these tools until you’ve spent a considerable time learning and experiencing the manual methods.

      I also don’t advocate using SEnuke or its brethren to make thousands of links all at once. It’s the slow “drip” method that I like and have found successful. Plus, once you start a linking program, you have to keep it going because a drop in linking may signal the SEs that your site is becoming less relevant…so once you commit to a heavy linking program, get used to the idea of maintaining it on some level.

      But definitely begin your SEO work the manual, old-fashioned way. See what works, what doesn’t, and then streamline and automate when appropriate.

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