Really, why don't you read my emails?

Do they suck? Too many? Too often?

Too many other things to do?

What is it?

Now, I know you may read my emails…but this is more a blanket question.

A lot of my subscribers don't read them.

Why not just leave?

Hell, it's what I do…if I don't read an email from someone for like a month, I unsubscribe.

You can always go back and subscribe again.


So what's the motivation to stay?

I know for me it's laziness. But y'all know I'm lazy.

Rather than “deal with” my inbox, I just archive everything when I get to about 700 and start over.

I literally pay for it in the end. I have to rent more gmail space.

Laziness almost always leads to…

D – U – M – B

We make stupid decisions based on procrastination.

Sure, a couple more bucks a month isn't going to break you. (If it does, you have a whole lot more work to do – and I'm not judging. I've “been there, done that.”)

But over time, that shit adds up. Maybe that new BSO (which is funny, because it resembles WSO which is where most of us get our BSO's!) that you had to go into hock for you could have paid for with actual cash.

I dunno.

The point is, we all waste time on “stuff.” We buy crap we don't need. Keep stuff we should get rid of. Don't deal with stuff right under our nose.

Why? LAZY.

It's funny – I have this conversation nearly every week with my near-teenage boy: “You're really smart. Probably the smartest kid I've ever known. You have talents that the vast majority of kids would die for. Yet your attitude stinks, your grades are crummy, and you don't do the work.

“You're lazy.”

I get the same response from him that I bet I'm getting from you: Blank stare.

blank stare
How my kids look at me when I lecture them

That's Rowan, by the way, not the near-teenage Liam I'm talking about.

I am the master at the blank stare, by the way. I developed it in retail and then perfected it when I worked for the phone company. I suppose I passed on the gene to Rowan 🙂

Anyhoo, get crackin'! Take care of business, as Elvis famously said. Pick a day of the week, set aside an hour, and just do the shit that's been gnawing at you.

​​​​​​​You'll feel better.

Thanks for reading. Talk soon.


lazy, procrastination

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