Daily blog post for December 28, 2020

I finally broke down and bought a new laptop. It's another HP. Last time, I got a 17 inch Envy non touchscreen. It is an Intel i7 with a badass 4GB Nvidia graphics card.

But it was a beast to lug around. And the fan ran all.the.time. One of my kids is always borrowing it to play video games on, so I thought I should just get another one.

This time, I opted for a “convertible.” It's an Envy x360 with an AMD processor and graphics chip, 16GB of RAM, and comes with only a 256GB SSD. It's also a 15.6 inch that weighs about 4 pounds with a solid 4-cell battery.

It's a custom build, so I won't get it until the end of January. I guess they have to assemble them on Mars. Oh well. I'm looking forward to being able to easily carry around a laptop again. I should be more productive now, as I won't have either excuse (“Kid's got it” or “It's too damned heavy”).

For Christmas, I got a Fitbit Charge 4. I really never wanted one of these, and funny enough, I got two of them! Rather than return one (always a hassle), I gave one to my wife and kept one. And you know what? I love it!

I've walked 10,000 steps each of the last 3 days. My goal was 3,000. I guess I overachieved. This thing even records your sleep and gives you a score the next day.

Needless to say, and I'm sure you're in a similar sinking ship, I don't sleep well. But I have taken naps the last 2 of 3 days, and I think I actually sleep better at night when I do take a nap in the early afternoon.

Goal now is to take two walks a day – one in the morning and one before the sun goes down, which at this time of year is about 4:30pm.

I'm also stoked because I got a new A/V receiver that will allow me to play records again! Yay for me. It also has 7 HDMI outputs, so I can add a few more bits to the system.

If you've read this blog at all in the past, or subscribe to my newsletter, you know I hate the term “funnel.” So what did I do? I bought a funnel builder called Funnelvio. It was a one-time cost and the cool thing is you can import any funnel. Why is this so cool? Pick a high-gravity product from ClickBank, for example, go to the home page, and copy that URL. Then go to Funnelvio and paste that URL in the import function.

You get a virtual copy of the original, with all the follow-up pages. Now, I'm NOT condoning copying somebody else's pages. But what you get is the flow. How it all works. Then you change the pages to look however you want. It's pretty cool.

I think I'll try it out on 5 products and see how it goes. I'll try a few different niches and see if I can run ads to my landing pages and see some success. I'll report back at some point.

That's it for today. Tomorrow is a snow day so I may or may not blog tomorrow. We'll leave early and get home…BUSHED.


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