Daily blog post for December 23, 2020

Today, I'm looking inward and forward to 2021 and all the challenges and opportunities it may bring.

Google Analytics is a beast

Sure, it brings in a ton of data about your website, visits, where they came from, most popular pages, etc. but man, is it unwieldy.

So I've started investigating some training on it. Google does offer some free training, which is always a good starter (using the vendor's own training – I mean, it makes sense). Here it is, if you're interested. There's also a promising Udemy course that I'm looking at if I want to take a deeper dive, and I fear I must 🙂

End of Year Musings

Christmas is almost here and I'm looking forward to taking a little time off. I won't go completely dark, but I will turn down the volume considerably. I'm not a big “goals guy” but I do like to reflect back on the year almost completed and briefly look ahead to determine “where I want to go in 2021.”

I'll be glad when the pandemic is contained and we can return to 2019-level activities like eating out and not wearing masks. I fear, though, that we're a L-O-N-G way from that. I may never go out in public again without wearing a mask. At least, that's how I feel right now. I've felt this way since March.

Speaking of COVID, I just read there are two mutations that are spreading more rapidly than the first one. UGH. When will it be over?

2021 and a bounty of opportunity or just more COVID COVID COVID?

The good thing is, from a very selfish perspective, is that I do all my work from home now (no more Meetups or in-person customer meetings). Everything is online. And since everybody has to use tools like Slack and Zoom, there are new opportunities for me to introduce new training courses.

Everybody is doing nearly everything online.

Speaking of which, I'm most likely going to be doing a new course in early 2021. It will be an evolution of the blogging series of books I published a few years ago on Amazon. I'll be delivering it via podcast. It's looking like it will be free 🙂

The ramifications of the pandemic, and the concomitant online everything all the time, is that our infrastructure will be forced to improve…or die. And I don't think it's going to die (bigass hack notwithstanding). Speeds and bandwidth should improve, especially now that 5G is in more markets now.

PLUS, many businesses have had to adapt to this “new normal,” and the ones that survive will be much stronger because of it.

Creative destruction is something I've read about in my economics study and subsequent interest since I got my degree long ago, but we're definitely seeing it in action right before our eyes. It's painful, it ruins millions of dreams, but it's real. And it's inevitable.

That's it for today. See you tomorrow.


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