Create your Facebook pixel
Now it's time to create your pixel for your Facebook Business page.

Yesterday, I told you to set up your social media accounts, including creating your Facebook Business page.  

You did that, right?  

Today, you're going to add a “pixel” to your FB Business page.  

This is critically important.  

All of the traffic you send to your blog from Facebook will be tracked by this pixel.  

If you don't set this up NOW, you're creating what we call a “traffic leak.”  

Sure, there's a 1-20 percent chance you'll capture visitors to your website in the form of a subscription (i.e., they subscribed to your optin – YAY!).

But don't count on such crappy odds. Unless you have a really good offer for a very specific audience, your conversion rate will be closer to 1% than 20%. Trust me on this.  

By “capturing” your website visitors with that FB pixel, you'll be able to “re-market” to them over and over again.  

Know how when you click an ad on FB, all of a sudden, you start seeing that ad everywhere?  

It's because of that itty bitty pixel.  

You don't, and won't at least for a while, have to create a Facebook ad to “set” or “fire” that pixel.  

Nope, just send traffic to your site from Facebook, and, assuming your pixel is set up, and you'll be able to capture those website visitors in a “custom audience.”  

That right there is gold, now and in the future.  

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn how to set up your Facebook pixel.  

Here's a link to past emails in case you missed anything: Email Archive.   Any questions, you know what to do.  

Don't forget to share this with your crew.  

Cheers, Bill


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