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We've all heard it — ‘Content is King.” And it is. But it's difficult, especially when you've been at it as long as I have, to keep creating original, fresh content. I mean, there's only so much you can create, right?

Well, in the past, I've shown you how to create original content. Last week, I did a webinar on how to come up with original content creation ideas. The sound was so horrible (user error) that I haven't published that webinar. In fact, I will be re-doing that one.

On Friday, I will be doing another webinar. This time, it will be about content curation. If you want to get in on that free training, sign up here:

Content Curation Webinar

Consider this a “sneak peek” to the webinar.

Curating content is a time-honored method for adding quality content to your web site without being entirely creative. In short, you don't do the research and then the writing all on your own. You get help. You go out and find the topic, add a snippet to your post, and then write around it.

If you've ever written a term paper, you already know how to curate content. You have an overarching point to make, you bring in excerpts from authorities in the field, and you use those to support your premise.

Simple, right?

Now, of course, because there are enterprising marketers and software programmers in the world, there are WordPress plugins for content curation, as well as software that will help you with the task.

Once you “get” content curation by doing it the manual, old-fashioned way, by all means try the software out. Can't hurt (well, it can, if you abuse it or use it incorrectly)…

But at first, do it the slow way. Start with an idea. Go do some research. Find some articles or posts that talk about that idea. Bring them into your post. Be careful not to copy/paste large swaths of any article. That is just being lazy. Rather, pull in key components, a few sentences (at most) at a time. Like so:

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Content Curation Explained

Content curation chooses the most relevant, highest quality digital information to meet your readers’ needs on a specific subject. It involves a process of assembling, categorizing, commenting, and presenting the top content.

–From Heidi Cohen's awesome blog

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You bring in examples and excerpts that support your overall theme. Of course, you can bring in more than one. But don't go overboard. On a typical blog post that is 350-500 words, two quotes from outside sources is probably the most you'll want to bring in.

See? Content curation is a pretty nifty concept. It helps you “create content,” while helping your readers get the information they are seeking. Plus, it helps connect you with influential and authoritative authors in your field.

It's Win-Win-Win.


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