Link Pyramid-Wheel Hybrid
Link Pyramid-Wheel Hybrid

We all know that it's simply not good enough to write quality content and curate content from authority sites. You have to get your content consumed!

Content circulation, aka content syndication or content promotion, is what needs to occur if you want people to actually read your blog posts, watch your videos, or download your presentations, music, or eBooks. It's really that simple.

But how do you go about promoting your content?

Whether or not you are an “internet marketer,” if you try to sell your goods or services on the ‘net, you are marketing on the internet!

So you have to get “more poles in the water.” That's a fishing term used to express the idea that if you can get more bait to the fish you want to catch, you have a higher likelihood of catching more fish.

Therefore, you want to have your content appear in numerous places.

If you have a text-based piece of content, like a typical blog post, you can re-purpose that content and turn it into a PDF that you can then upload to a site like SlideShare. You can also very easily turn it into a video and mp3.

Just remember–all roads lead back to your website. All of them.

Now, getting “more poles in the water” is just part of the battle. You have to either put those poles in water with fish (duh!) or you have to attract fish to your bait. It's really that simple.

While the former is easier, the latter is definitely doable and if they're both possible without a ton of effort, why not do both, right?

You are putting your poles in the water where the fish are when you share content (or encourage sharing content) on social media sites and web 2.0 properties.

You are attracting fish to fishless waters when you optimize for the search engines. In short, the search engines tell the fish where to go to find yummy food (your awesome content).

That's where link wheels come in. But they're not your ordinary link wheels. These are special.

In the old days (2 years ago), a typical link wheel was comprised of 5-10 web properties and each of them linked back to your website and one other site in the link wheel.

Now, not so much.

Google's giant search algorithm changes over the past few years have changed all that. No longer do any of your link wheels link back to your website, but they also don't form a “link wheel pattern” as in days gone by.

Instead, a proper link wheel points to multiple “Tier 1” websites that link to your website.

It's sort of like a hybrid link wheel and link pyramid.

THIS is the new & improved way to build a linkwheel.

This sort of link wheel will help you syndicate your content that works for both human viewers and search bot visitors, giving you the best of both worlds.

And–trust me–you need both worlds to rank well and get the traffic you need.



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  • This is good and something that I need to start spending more time on. I’m out there a little but not nearly enough. Thanks, I will refer back to this as I work on my progress.

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