I have written a lot about using blogs to comment on to get relevant backlinks as well as direct traffic to your site. There is another way to use blog commenting to get those benefits as well as to get your site crawled and indexed quickly by the search engines, especially Google.

Here's how.

  1. Find a blog post at a relevant site and comment on it.
  2. In the URL field on the comment form, enter the post or site you want indexed.
  3. Stand back and wait for your post or site to get spidered.

If the blog you commented on gets spidered frequently, you will find that your site or post will get crawled quickly, too, as the search engine "bots" simply follow links on a page and will soon follow yours.

Here are some ways to get valuable backlinks and quick indexing all at once.

How-To Get Backlinks: Comment on Blogs (Part 1 of 24)

5 x 5 A System for Building Backlinks

Should I Bother To Build Backlinks?


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