Get a reliable autoresponder
Get Aweber

Pick a niche…check  

Get a domain…check  

Get a hosting account…check  

Install WordPress…check…create your email account…check

Alright? Ready for the next step?  

I knew you were!  

Get yourself an “autoresponder.” I use Aweber and I'd love it if you did, too. #1 – because I'd get a commission (hey, I'm being upfront). #2 – Aweber is the bomb. I really like them. And #3 – I can help you with your A/R if you choose them because I'm very familiar with the service.  

After you get an autoresponder, you'll want to create your list, welcome email, set up an autoresponder series, etc.  

I can help you if you need it.  

And don't forget to sign up for Level 1–I'll be adding autoresponder instruction, too, very soon in addition to tons of other marketing & tech content every week.

Now get to it!  

Here's a link to past emails in case you missed anything: Email Archive.

Any questions, you know what to do.  

Cheers, Bill


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