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Mindset Mumbo Jumbo

The very first book I ever bought with my own money was Psycho-Cybernetics. I bought it when I was a kid at now-defunct B. Dalton's because, well, I had issues. This is NOT to suggest I don't STILL have issues 😛

But I digress.

The book did help me a lot. In ways that still last today.

Much of my “mindset” was developed as a teen, reading–believe it or not–bodybuilding magazines.

The Weider franchise (Muscle & Fitness and Flex) employed successful bodybuilders like Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno, and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger (who, coincidentally were very good marketers whose delivery method was mail order) and authors who wrote a LOT about the mental side of training.

I remember reading much about visualization, meditation, and yoga. Lots of studies, especially from the then-Soviet Union about how athletes there had trained as much mentally as physically.

So I believe this stuff.

Now, the BIG CAVEAT:

Every “guru” now talks about “mindset.” And believe me, it's important.

But I don't think you have to walk in fire in order to “get it.”

To me, it's really more about flipping a switch than it is in any ritualistic bullshit some big-toothed goon tells you you have to do. But only after you pay him thousands of dollars for this “wisdom.”

IOW, it's a conscious choice YOU make.

And going to seminars or reading books only separates YOU from YOUR MONEY.

That's why this book is important: It won't cost you a dime. No risk. You only lose your time. And you were going to waste that precious commodity on Facebook anyway.


Yes, I am.

More highlights from today's Kindles:

  • Windows Powershell – there's power in that shell. Or something like that 😛
  • The end is near, may as well be prepared for it.
  • My life mantra: Eat meat and stop jogging, both of which I do with passion
  • Best way to get out of debt? Stay out of debt. Second-best way: Read this book.
  • I got an A+ in this advanced college course: Futures & Options. I love gambling!
  • Another thing I love: Reading about past financial booms and busts. Where there's one, the other quickly follows suit.

As always, every day's best books can be found here.

One day, maybe I'll tell you about my own episodes with fire, mindset, and drinking heavily.

Fear of Missing Out


I had a higher number of unsubscribes yesterday. Was it because of this post?

I seriously doubt it. It was a post/email about kids having to pee in bear country and how that related to business and the Fear of the Unknown.

Oh well…kinda ironic 🙂

Today, I want to talk about another Fear.

Fear of Missing Out, or FOMO.

It's a true scarcity mindset. We all suffer from it, from time to time.

Essentially, it's the fear of missing out on something if you don't take action. It's why we marketers chase bright shiny objects. We don't want to miss out on the One. Big. Thing that might make a difference in our business.

It's also why timers work. And “limited supplies.” And “call now,” that drives the implication that if you don't call right now you will miss out on some thing forever.

Infomercials do it. Internet marketers do it. Car salesmen do it. Everybody does it.

Why? Because it works. It makes significantly more sales than not doing it.

Two things you need to do (right now! LOL):

  1. Be aware of it when it's happening to you.
  2. Leverage its power to sell more of your widgets

On #2: Don't do “false scarcity.” If you're selling a digital product, don't say “limited quantities.” You CAN say, “I'm only selling x of these and when I've done that, I'm closing the offer down.” That is not false, or fake, scarcity. It's your business to do what you wish. Just don't lie or mislead.

Make sense?