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Can You Be In More Than One Niche?

Of course you can. I suggest you “get ONE right” before you move on, though.

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You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this niche. You’re going to be very dedicated to your niche, the people of your niche, and earning with your niche.

Are you married to it forever?

Of course not.

We all get bored sometimes. We all get stuck sometimes. Sometimes, we feel like we’ve done all we can do, for now, in a particular niche and we’re ready to try something new.

That’s absolutely okay—it’s to be expected. You can be in more than one niche. You can create different pen names or spread out to related niches with the same pen name—do what works for you.

Or you can do what I do: Use your own name if they're related niches. I mean, why not build your brand across related topics?

What I don’t want you to do is jump from niche to niche, and project to project, without ever finishing anything.

That’s death to all internet marketers. In fact, it’s probably the biggest reason why so many people fail.

There are a huge number of bright shiny objects (BSOs) in the marketing space. There are new products and new business models and new “secret” techniques for new “secret” business models coming out all the time.

You see all the emails and you’ve gone through the struggle.

What’s the answer?

The answer is to turn the noise off.

Dedicate yourself to choosing a niche and following through until you complete the project you’ve planned for this niche.

Then, rinse and repeat.

There’s always time to add additional business models, niches, and ideas after you follow through with this one.

With that said, it’s a good idea to be involved in more than one niche over time. You’ve no doubt heard that phrase that you shouldn’t keep all of your eggs in one basket. This goes right along with that.


Maybe you’re targeting a niche that’s really popular today. That doesn’t mean it will be popular next year. If you’re in one niche, your profits can dry up overnight. If you’re in multiple niches, that “drying up” will be a mere blip on your radar.

Takeaway: For now, start with one niche. Keep your eye on adding more in the future, once you’re in the groove and are profiting.

How Do You Make Money in a Niche?

Money? Ah, who needs it! (You do.)

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It’s important to focus on really helping people whenever you enter a niche. You’re going to be a lot more motivated to do that if you’re earning a great living doing it! It’s just the nature of the beast.

So, how are you going to make money after you enter into a niche? You’re passionate about teaching people to write, or potty train their child, or lose weight in middle age or whatever the specific niche you’ve chosen is.

Where’s the money?

That answer is easier than you think. First, you’re going to look at what other people in the niche are already successfully doing.

What are they selling and how are they earning money?

They might be selling their own ebooks or info product courses. They might have published on Kindle or CreateSpace. Maybe they have a massive blog where they feature ads. Maybe they have an email list and promote products as an affiliate. Whatever it is, they’ve made sure that they are monetizing well and earning money for their work.

You’re a marketer, there’s no shame in it. The important thing is to find the balance. You are helping people but you’re also working your way to a fantastic income at the same time.

It’s important to consider the opposite of that as well. Some marketers want to start jumping into a niche and start marketing like crazy. They then wonder why no one is buying…why isn’t their audience responding? Well, it’s because they haven’t provided enough value.

Provide value and your audience will respond.

Later on, I’m going to have you start with the end in mind. You’re going to settle on the business model you’re going to use, first. There’s no sense in choosing a niche that responds best to blogs (such as the food recipe niche) if you’re planning to sell certain types of how-to information products.

That’s not to say that you can’t get into everything. There are plenty of marketers with websites, blogs, social media sites, info-products, Kindle books, and more out there.

However, I want you to have at least a general idea of what you want to spend your time on as a business model before you settle on your niche. There’s a lot that goes into this decision.

I hope you find that it’s not that difficult of a decision after all.

Takeway: Value first. The money follows. If you picked your niche right (active buyers, right?), provide your audience with information that's valuable to them.

Which Niches Are Good For Internet Marketers?

No, not nachos! NICHES.

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You might be waiting for me to hand over a list of the best niches that I recommend you get into.

As George H.W. Bush famously said, “Not gunna do it. Wouldn't be prudent.”

Why not? For the simple reason that there are an incredible number of great niches out there. I certainly don’t know what all of the profitable niches are. No one will ever have time to hit them all.

One thing we internet marketers like to say is, Choose niches in these categories:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Hobbies (like golf or flying planes)

What I can tell you is some of the most bizarre niches that you would never expect to do well, do incredibly well, and some of the ones that you would expect to shine were duds.

Niches are kinda like people in that way 🙂

So I don’t want to suggest a list of niches because no matter how long my list would be, it would never be long enough, and never be correct for you, and besides, things change from year to year, month to month, and even day to day anyway. Well, maybe not day to day, but you get the point.

You’re going to have to get really good at finding niches that will work well for you. You’re going to have to get good at finding niches that will be profitable for you.

It also depends on what your goals are. Different niches work for different people and projects. I can’t tell you what to choose.

I’m teaching you how to fish rather than just giving you the fish.

What I can do is this: I can give you some examples of niches that are profitable so you can get a solid picture of what you’re aiming for. I’ll also give you examples of sub-niches so you can see that there really are an endless number of options out there.

Internet marketing itself is a niche. I’ll bet you knew that, and I’ll also bet that you’ve heard at least one person tell you to stay far away from the IM niche because it’s “too saturated.”


That’s a complete myth. As with any mega niche out there, you just have to go a little deeper. You need to “infiltrate” the audience you’re interested in and find a smaller, less saturated segment of them.

Ever heard of “1,000 true fans?”

That's what you need to eventually get to. Maybe not in every niche, but in a combined sort of way.

Maybe you’re a writer. You could develop products and help other people learn how to write. That’s a niche that can fit under internet marketing (so, you’d target people who want to learn to write so they can make money online) or another niche entirely.

Let’s say you target people who want to learn how to write and publish Kindle books. Or those who want to learn to write so they can submit articles on the web, or to their local newspaper, or to a book publisher, or to write press releases (very lucrative if you become good at it).

As you can see, some niches actually straddle a number of other niches. You’re going to choose a niche you think you can serve. Then, you’re going to figure out, very specifically, who you’re going to sell to.

Maybe you choose “learning how to write” as a niche, but the way you train internet marketers to write will be different from the way you teach wannabe newspaper reporters to write.

I don’t want to go too deep into this right now, but it is something I want you to be aware of.

Internet marketing isn’t too saturated. You just have to find your niche within a niche. In fact, it’s often these really popular niches that are actually your best bet because there are so many people in them.

Remember, your overall goal is to find, and work in, a niche with active buyers.

Another example of a niche is parents.

Parents spend a lot of money learning how to be better parents, right?

Can you really make money with something so general?

Probably not. You have to go deeper.

For instance, a profitable niche might be “potty training your child.” A deeper, more specific niche might be “potty training your 3 year old boy.”

Get it?

You can really have fun with niche selection, as you can see. A niche is a good one as long as you think you can really help people, there are actually people looking for help, people are spending money, you can stand out in the niche in some way, you enjoy the niche, and so on.

After you’ve finished going through this series, I have no doubt that you’ll have your own set of criteria you go with so you know you can be confident about entering a niche.

Takeaway: There are a ton of great niches for internet marketing. Pick a sub-niche of a bigger niche, where there are active spenders in the niche. Make sure you actually enjoy the niche, too.

What IS a Niche?

Rhymes with itch. Or is it NEESH? I don't know. Does it matter?

How To Use This Guide

Throughout this series, we’re going to talk about everything from brainstorming a niche, to vetting a niche, to profiting from a niche.

I suggest you follow the series from start to finish at first. Then, refer to specific sections as you need to, as you start to formulate your niche success plan and put it into action.

Table of Contents

You hear a lot of people in internet marketing talk about the importance of choosing a good niche. That, they say, is the real secret of earning money online. If you can find a hungry market and deliver something they’ll be willing to pay for, you can strike it rich.

But how do you find those lucrative niches in the first place? If it were really that easy, surely we’d all be Internet millionaires, right?

I mean, I am. Why aren't you? (I'm not.)

There are clearly some niches that are bound to be lucrative and others that are clearly not bound to be lucrative. What’s the difference and how do you know which is which? We’ll go into that throughout this series, but first it’s important to understand that just because a niche is profitable for another person or company doesn’t mean it will also be profitable for you…at least, not right away.

Think about niches like weight loss. We all know that people spend obscene amounts of money trying to lose weight each year. Should you enter the weight loss niche? It’s going to be pretty hard for you to stand out if you do.

I’m not telling you to stay away from niches like that, either. I’ll show you exactly how you can enter a massive niche like “weight loss” and still come out a winner.

As a hint, the more targeted you are, the better.

What Is a Niche?

If you’re not already familiar with what a niche is, stay tuned because I believe I can clarify things for you a bit more.

At its basic core, a niche is a group of people who are interested in a particular thing. They might read about that topic, think about that topic, get frustrated by that topic, seek advice about that topic, think passionately about that topic, or a combination of all of the above.

The topic is important to them in some way. It’s something that doesn’t easily leave their mind. As you can probably tell, there’s a lot of passion behind the topic. Whether it’s positive or negative emotions, it’s enough emotion that they are drawn to the topic at hand.

Take Trump, please! (Variation on a really old joke.)

As a marketer, you can enter into a niche and earn an income by promoting and/or creating products that people will buy, whether you’re selling information products, creating niche websites, writing books, or some other way.

That’s because the internet has changed the way society operates. Never before has it been easier for people who are interested in a particular topic to find like-minded people on the web to chat with or earn from. People from every niche under the sun buy products online, join social media groups, subscribe to blogs, and keep up with news, information, and others in the niche in every way they can.

A great number of people don’t just browse and learn about their topic online. They also buy products online. E-commerce has taken off in a major way.

This is where you come in.

The niches you want to focus on are ones where people are spending money. You want to focus on the niches where people are hungry to spend more and more money buying new products to satisfy their passions or satisfy their needs.

As a marketer, you should target a niche that you can deliver something to as a way of earning a great income.

There are certain niches that don’t really spend any money. Those aren’t the niches you’re interested in. There are other niches that spend a lot of money but are over-saturated by competition. I’m not going to tell you to steer clear of those niches, but I am going to tell you there’s a certain way that you, as a newbie and sole business owner, need to focus on those niches.

The #1 rule for you as a niche marketer (and now that you’re reading this guide, you are one) is that you’re only going to target niches where people are actively spending money.

You don’t want to target a niche that is really popular but that no one spends a dime in. You don’t even want a niche where people might buy just one product and never again. You want a very hungry niche where people are spending a lot of money and buying product after product, reading everything they can get their hands on, and more.

Takeaway: Pick a niche where people are actively spending money.