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Hot Profitable Niches

hot profitable niches
Niche marketing can be very lucrative. Get this course to learn more about it.

A colleague of mine, whom I respect a great deal (David Perdew of NAMS fame), has created a course that's pretty damned good (I bought it yesterday) about niche marketing.  

He calls it Hot Profitable Niches but I think he named it wrong.  

It's more like High Performance Niches and it's a great course.  

Only $12.99 as I type this out. Its regular price is $47.  

It contains a wealth of information that builds on the Niche Marketing series I just published a few weeks ago.  

It is my strong belief that if you couple those two resources (both links above) you will succeed in niche marketing.  

Not only that, you will enjoy it, too.   Some highlights:

  • The coursebook
  • A spreadsheet with loads of keyword research data (this is invaluable and I'm thinking of adding to it as a special bonus for you if you buy through my link)
  • Best Practices infographic (print it out, post it near your computer)
  • A special report that helps you find even more profitable niches
  • Tools to help in your niche marketing
  • A handy workbook

The meat of the course is the coursebook. The good stuff:

  • Power of the niche – page 4
  • Business options – page 6
  • Should you “niche” or “micro niche?” – page 9
  • Evaluating a niche's potential – page 12
  • Tools for niching down – page 19
  • Refining your niche – page 24
  • Action plan (super valuable) – page 29

As they say, all that and more!  

I really like this course. It's going to help me get even better at niche marketing.  

I think you should give it a long look. It may help you build some little “side hustles” that earn you consistent chunks of money.

Cheers, Bill  

PS – I have no idea how long this price will be good for. It's not on a dimesale so the price is not changing with every sale. However, we know what that means:

At any time, this course could rise in price up to its regular retail ($47).

“Neesh” or “Nitch?”

how to pick a niche
Choosing a niche, or topic, is the most important factor in blogging success

I admit, I don't know how to say niche. Some say “neesh” and some say “nitch.”

Does it really matter? No.

What does matter is that a) you pick a niche that has the potential to earn revenue and b) you research it really well.

Today, I want to talk about niches, or more specifically, choosing a niche.

This is very important: The niche, or topic, you choose to blog about will determine success or failure, as measured by earnings, traffic, engagement, and satisfaction (yours).

The most important aspect above is your satisfaction, in my humble opinion. You will not be able to continually write about and update your site if you hate it.

But that's a given, right?

Many expert bloggers will tell you to choose a niche you're passionate about. Others will tell you to pick a niche that has earning potential above all else.

I will tell you this: You need BOTH.

Let's say you choose a topic that has high earning potential (think health, wealth, relationships, and hobbies). You begin blogging about it, making affiliate sales, earning advertising revenue, and maybe you even make your own product to sale.

Things are going well. You're satisfied with your results. But you don't really like the topic. Maybe you don't even know the niche well.

You can sustain for a while. But eventually, you'll grow tired of writing about something you don't really like. You'll stop writing, traffic will dry up, and you'll abandon the project.

All earnings will eventually subside and vanish.

But hey, it was a good run.

Alternatively, let's say you chose a niche that you're passionate about. You're an expert and you love talking about it at cocktail parties. Your niche friends love it, too.

You begin the project gung-ho. You write and write and write. You guest blog and you get your stories featured in industry blogs and newsletters.

Maybe you even get speaking gigs!

But you chose a niche that had little earning power (say, teen dental hygiene–I made that up).

Eventually, your passion for the project (the blog) will subside. Your passion for the topic may never die. But you will stop blogging.

It's best, in fact, if you find this out sooner rather than later.

Let's face it: You're here because you want to earn money blogging and “internet marketing.”

You're not here because you want to write blog posts that nobody reads.

You want the moolah!

So, I say to you, you need to pick a niche that you're passionate about and that has earning potential.

As I alluded to before, focus on niches in the health, wealth, relationships, and hobbies areas.

But dive deeper than that. You need to find out where people are actively spending money in those niches.

How do you do that? You research!

Here's a great primer on niche research. Read that whole series. It will give you great insight on how to choose a niche that will satisfy you and your readers (and hopefully, your BUYERS).

Like these tips? Want more just like this PLUS a shit-ton of internet marketing training? Check out Level 1!

It’s Time To Profit!

It's time to…PROFIT!

Table of Contents

You now know everything you need to know to get started choosing a great niche.

There are other methods out there, certainly, and you’ll soon get into your own groove.

For instance, some people do keyword research or use a variety of tools to help them.

Start with what I’ve presented to you here and don’t let things get too complicated, yet you’ll still be very successful.

We live in a great time and the web makes it really easy to find incredible, profitable niches.

Takeaway: Believe in your abilities to build your online business by choosing great niches and serving the needs of your audience. I have no doubts that you can succeed, and this is the first step.

A Final Run Down Of Choosing Your Niche

You're almost there! Don't stop now. Success is near!

Table of Contents

You’ve read this series and now you’re really ready to take action. Here’s a shorter-version run down of what you should be doing to find a profitable niche.

First, brainstorm possible niches. You can brainstorm based on desperate needs you have or have had. You can brainstorm based on things you’ve heard in the news or problems and solutions you know are currently possible.

You can get ideas by looking at how the popular “how to” books and products are doing, on Amazon and off. You can scour through Amazon categories and subcategories to get ideas. You can visit the magazines section at Amazon or use to get ideas.

When you choose a niche, you’re going to make sure it’s very active—there has to be a lot of activity surrounding it on the web.

You have to ensure you’ll enjoy being in the niche. It really helps if you’re passionate about the topic or if you can become passionate about helping the people in the niche.

You’re going to ensure there’s a lot of sales activity in the niche as well. There should be a lot of products and books for sale already.

You’re going to find your specific niche within this niche. You’re going to differentiate yourself and your products and the way you help the people of the niche.

Once you find a good potential niche, vet it. Look at the potential for profitably, the activity on the web (websites, blogs, news,social media, forums, and more), and how you might provide solutions to this hungry market.

If it all looks good, you’re going to enter the niche. You’re going to execute your business model, whether that’s creating info-products, writing books, creating blogs or websites, or whatever you prefer.

Takeaway: There are dozens of ways to find profitable niches. Pick one or two and go for it!

How To Create A Solution And Monetize It

One problem, one solution. That's where you start.

Table of Contents

At first, you might just feel your way around the niche and network, not doing much in the way of sales. But, you’re not just playing at this—it’s a business. That means you have to treat it that way.

You’ve chosen a particular niche because you can help people and because people are willing to pay for that help. It’s time to get serious about creating your solution and monetizing it.

Again, I’m not going to go too deeply into business models. But, I will cover the basics so you get something in mind before you move on.

What is the most pressing need of the people you’ve interacted with, in your niche? Can you create an info-product that will help them?

Sure you can! Simply gather the top questions people have in your niche. Take a look at what other products and books on the market cover. Figure out what’s missing and how you can fill in the blanks for the people of your niche.

Creating this solution can be as simple as writing a short report or ebook. Or, you can offer something like consulting or coaching.

When you’re first starting out, you might want to stick with simple little products like the one you’re reading right now. It addresses a problem people have (how to choose a profitable niche) and guides them through from start to finish. It’s not the longest book in the world, but it clearly, concisely and easily solves the problem many people have.

That’s along the same lines of what you should be doing for your audience. You can create a series of info products, or release books, or courses. You can create informative and helpful blogs and websites that help you earn in other ways. You can become an affiliate, promoting products of others in your niche. You can gather affiliates of your own, giving them a commission for promoting your products.

Early on, I had you figure out what your business model would be in combination with what your niche would be. This is where you execute that decision.

At its basic core, internet marketing is all about providing solutions for people who need them.

Takeaway: Create a solution and monetize it in a hungry niche and you can earn a fantastic income.

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