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How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress (XML and HTML)

WordPress sitemaps
Use sitemaps! They are great for search engines and humans alike.

From the article: “Learn how to create a Sitemap in WordPress. You can create two sitemaps: XML and HTML sitemap. Understand the difference between XML and HTML sitemap as well.”

Sitemaps are critically important for both your users and search engines.

Search engines first:

Google and the other SEs LOVE XML sitemaps because they tell the web crawlers EXACTLY where to go to find ALL of your site's contents.

The easiest way to add XML sitemaps to the Search Engines is through the Yoast SEO plugin, which makes several sitemaps for your WordPress site automatically.

You do still have to tell Google and the other SEs where to find them. But once that's done, and their spiders hit that sitemap, your content should be indexed pretty quickly.

At least in theory… 🙂

Now, HTML sitemaps are awesome because, like XML sitemaps for search engines, they help actual PEOPLE know where to find all of your content.

I cannot tell you how many times I've gone to a massive site (loads of content) that had crummy, non-intuitive menus, and just wished for a human-readable sitemap.

Well, that's what an HTML sitemap will do for your WordPress website!


Source: How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress (XML and HTML)

Get More Traffic from Google (SEO)

From the article: SEO often seems complicated and takes too much time so we often neglect it. Matt Diggity is here to convince us why we shouldn't. With a little effort, you will not only have more traffic but find the people who are ready to purchase.

“SEO” is a PITA. At least it used to be. You had to either do some “blackhat” SEO stuff or do outreach campaigns where you got influential bloggers to either share your content or let you write guest posts for them (still good strategies).

But it's not that hard. You do have to work, though. Give this podcast a listen.

Source: Get Google to Deliver the Right Customers to Your Website | ActiveGrowth Podcast Ep.42

Nine Ways to Stay Inspired and Avoid Blogger Burnout

This post is based on episode 170 of the ProBlogger podcast.

Most bloggers start off with a huge burst of energy and excitement. But then at some point (often in their first year or two of blogging) they come up against their first bout of “blogger burnout”.

Why Does Blogger Burnout Happen?

Blogger burnout can materialise in different forms and for different reasons.

  • You may have run out of topic ideas, and feel you’ve said everything there is to say.
  • You may have become disillusioned with your topic, your niche, or blogging in general.
  • Despite working really hard on your blog, you may not think it’s paying off.
  • You may not be reaching the goals you set for yourself.
  • You may feel overworked and worn out.
  • Your blog may no longer align with the reason you started it. For example, you may have wanted to be creative at first, but now you’re focused on making money.
  • You may be overwhelmed by everything you need to do to keep your blog running.

Whatever the cause of your burnout, here are some practical things you can do to tackle it.

  1. Know your limits and set realistic expectations
  2. Get into a blogging grove
  3. Identify your sticking points
  4. Look after your body
  5. Take breaks on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis
  6. Build relationships and look after them
  7. Fit inspiration and learning into your day
  8. Play, pivot, and evolve
  9. Do something that matters

If you’re going through a tough time right now, please look after yourself. And feel free to reach out for help and support in the comments.

Source: Nine Ways to Stay Inspired and Avoid Blogger Burnout

Image credit: Luke Porter

The Future of Marketing

Seth Godin talks with Copyblogger's Brian Clark about the future of marketing.

From the article:

“If you’ve been paying attention to the world of work, the news is unavoidable. Everyone is bracing for a tech-induced transformation — and it’s already started.

“As a solo or small business person, technology allows you to do things that used to require scores of employees and tons of capital — and that ability will accelerate with AI. But it’s the human being at the center of it all that will ultimately determine if you succeed or fail.”

There is no doubt that technology's rapid advances will affect marketing in a profound way. Rather than fear change, though, one should embrace it.

Big things are (always) about to happen. Get in front of it and ride the wave!

Source: Seth Godin on the Future of Marketing – Copyblogger

Zero-Day Vulnerability in Yellow Pencil Visual Theme Customizer Exploited in the Wild

Chalk this one up to another irresponsible researcher.

Yep. Another zero-day exploit of a WordPress plugin announced to the world irresponsibly by a researcher.

The way this is supposed to work: Researcher finds an exploit. He notifies the plugin developer and gives said developer time to develop a patch.

Developer makes the patch and makes it available to the public. THEN the researcher makes the announcement that he discovered a vulnerability.

This asshole skipped a couple steps.

More from Wordfence:

On Monday the WordPress plugin Yellow Pencil Visual Theme Customizer was closed in the plugin repository. The plugin is quite popular, with an active install base of over 30,000 websites. On Tuesday a security researcher made the irresponsible and dangerous decision to publish a blog post including a proof of concept (POC) detailing how to exploit a set of two software vulnerabilities present in the plugin.

We are seeing a high volume of attempts to exploit this vulnerability. The exploits very closely resemble the POC posted by the irresponsible researcher.

Wordfence, April 11, 2019

There are at least two potential remedies to you if you're using the Yellow Pencil plugin:

  1. Remove it and wait for a patch
  2. Get Wordfence Premium

Source: Zero-Day Vulnerability in Yellow Pencil Visual Theme Customizer Exploited in the Wild