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Internet marketing is a catch-all phrase that means marketing and promoting your goods or services online.

Last Time I Mention Hot Profitable Niches

Hot Profitable Niches
This really IS the last time I'll mention Hot Profitable Niches!

This really is the last time. I don't like to harp on y'all about stuff, but sometimes, I have to repeat myself.  

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to break into internet marketing.   Why?  

Because you don't have to create a bigass product. No sales page.  

No email sequence. You don't have to acquire or manage affiliates.  

Nope, you just “pre-sell” a product or service and let the product vendor do the selling, fulfillment, support, management, etc.  

And that's why it's SO IMPORTANT to pick good niches!  

You don't want to be promoting (i.e., pre-selling) stuff that nobody wants.   So do the research!  

Up til now, it's been kind of a struggle to find good niches.  

Well, no more. Hot Profitable Niches teaches all you need to know to be really successful at niche marketing.  

Like I said, I won't mention this course again. To your peril.   Buy it now. Seriously. It's great. I bought it myself and am learning a thing or ten!  

Get it today.

  Some highlights of HPN:

  • The coursebook
  • A spreadsheet with loads of keyword research data (this is invaluable and I'm thinking of adding to it as a special bonus for you if you buy through my link)
  • Best Practices infographic (print it out, post it near your computer)
  • A special report that helps you find even more profitable niches
  • Tools to help in your niche marketing
  • A handy workbook

The meat of the course is the coursebook. The good stuff:

  • Power of the niche – page 4
  • Business options – page 6
  • Should you “niche” or “micro niche?” – page 9
  • Evaluating a niche's potential – page 12
  • Tools for niching down – page 19
  • Refining your niche – page 24
  • Action plan (super valuable) – page 29

As they say, all that and more!   I really like this course. It's going to help me get even better at niche marketing.   I think you should give it a long look. It may help you build some little “side hustles” that earn you consistent chunks of money.

Get caught up here: Email Archive.  

Any questions, you know what to do.   And don't forget to forward this email to your tribe.  

Cheers, Bill  

PS – I have no idea how long this price will be good for. At any time, this course could rise in price up to its regular retail ($47).

Be Thankful

Arthur Ashe quote
Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Could it be any simpler?

As you no doubt have heard on the news, the Seattle metropolitan area is experiencing “Snowmageddon,” or as we like to call it, “weather.”  

We've gotten nearly two feet of snow (give or take a foot!) over the past week. It's made driving a…chore.  

Yesterday, as I was driving down the bigass hill from our house to civilization, erm, I mean town, I thought to myself:

“This must be how the early settlers like Lewis & Clark felt.”  

Provided they had internal combustible engines, anti-lock brakes, symmetrical all-wheel drive, leather-wrapped steering wheel, defroster, and heated butt warmers…  

Okay, we've got it GOOD. And with all the bad & evil crap going on in the world (hunger, drought, war, a surge in completely preventable diseases, etc.), we are literally living in the best of times.  

Of course, not all of us are living the good life. And by good life, I mean clean drinking water, plentiful food, and electricity.  

Some of us are VERY unfortunate.  

But let me say this: If you're able to read this, you aren't one of them.  

Your belly isn't bloated. You're not suffering from actual hunger. And you're not dying of thirst or pestilence.  

If you are, please stop reading this. Get yourself to a hospital. You need that more than this.  

Let's take a moment that's not a national holiday to reflect on the magnificent world we live in. Celebrate. Give thanks.

Brings me to this quote from tennis legend Arthur Ashe:

  • Start where you are.
  • Use what you have.
  • Do what you can.

Do not be discouraged about “where” you are. You're alive. Probably mostly healthy. Well-fed. Clothed. You have a roof over your head.  

Start there. Take a look at what you have. You have more than any group of people in history, in terms of tools and resources available to you.  

The world of knowledge is at your fingertips. Back in 2010, head of Google Eric Schmidt wrote an article on TechCrunch entitled, ” Every 2 Days We Create As Much Information As We Did Up To 2003.”  

That was 9 years ago. Imagine what we're doing now. I guarantee you, it's MORE.  

Once you've assessed and inventoried where you are and what you have, all you have now to do is what you can.  

In business because you want to help people? Do what you can.  

Are you an aspiring author? Do what you can. Don't know what that is?

Here it is (revolutionary, I know): WRITE  

Want to become a world-famous philosopher? THINK and then share your thoughts with the world. There's YouTube, blogs, Medium, twitter, Amazon.

The world is yours to make what you want.

  • Start where you are.
  • Use what you have.
  • Do what you can.

That's it.

PS – Don't forget about Hot Profitable Niche training.

Your Email Indoctrination Series

your email indoctrination series
Set expectations from the start – in your email indoctrination series!

We have talked about that ethical bribe here and here.

Today is the day you deliver on that.

We're talking your “indoctrination” email series today. It could be 1 email, 3, 10, or 100.

It's up to you.

I like a 3-email indoctrination series:

  1. For the first email, besides the confirmation email new subscribers get when they first sign up (and you don't have much control over it, and you don't want much control – the idea is to get them to only think about that confirmation link because until they click that link, they will NOT get your emails), give your new subscriber exactly what you promised them.

    Do not deviate from this. If you establish yourself right now as “doing what you say you'll do,” you'll have gone a long way to establishing the foundational trust with your new subscriber that you and he/she both need.
  2. Lead from the 1st email into the second email by telling your sub that you'll be sending another email (#2) in a day or two. Then DO THAT. Establish, again, that you do what you say you'll do. In the 2nd email, ask whether your subscriber has downloaded or viewed the “ethical bribe” (report, video, checklist, or whatever) you sent out in the 1st email. Ask if they have any questions about it.

    End this 2nd email with a notice that you'll be sending out another one in a day or two. Then DO THAT. Let them know, also, that you will be sending out emails on a regular basis (or not, but let them know that!).

    Also let them know that you're just a “reply” away – let them know they can email you with questions.
  3. In this third email, you may consider giving them an extra “bonus” for sticking around. This is your time to cement the relationship. Keep giving more and more: Time or product. Advice. Keep the door open.

Depending on your particular business model, you have a wealth of options available to you. It's in these first few emails where you establish expectations and then MEET them.

A lot of “gurus” will tell you to exceed expectations.


Just do what you'll say you'll do. Set those expectations from the get-go.

And you know what?

By actually DOING what you SAY you'll do will EXCEED your subscribers' expectations!

There is a good chance that doesn't happen very frequently to them.

Alright, go get 'em!

Here's a link to past emails in case you missed anything: Email Archive.
Any questions, you know what to do.

And don't forget to forward this email to your crew.

Like these tips? Want more just like this PLUS a shit-ton of internet marketing training? Check out Level 1!


PS – I just checked: Traffic Ivy is still at its introductory pricing. You really should give it a STRONG LOOK. It looks like the end of the promo pricing is drawing near (in about 13 hours).