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Internet marketing is a catch-all phrase that means marketing and promoting your goods or services online.

Want to Learn How to Use Aweber?

aweber training
It's time you take your email marketing to the next level.

Make sure you read the PS near the bottom – it's very important.

Here's your “cut to the chase” link –

As you know, I'm a big fan of Aweber. I've been using them for my email marketing for at least 10 years now, and I love them.

One of the biggest mistakes I made early on in my internet marketing career (really it was affiliate marketing) is that I didn't start out building a list of subscribers.

I think it took me 4 years to figure out that “the money is in the list.”

Damn, I'm stupid. Don't be like me.

Please, I beg you, in all of your internet marketing endeavors, PLEASE create a subscriber list and mail to them at least once a week.

Don't worry, most won't mind.

And do it even if you're just “affiliate marketing.”

Heck, that's probably the BEST time to do it. Here's why:

If you just send your traffic to an offer page, you will NEVER know anything about your audience. You won't have their name, number, or email address. Heck, you may not even know if they buy.

At least when you sell your own product, there is a good chance you got at least a name and email address. And you KNOW exactly who bought from you.

Anyway, why did *I* hesitate so long before I took up “email marketing?”


Yep. Fear. I was afraid to learn something new. I was afraid I was going to fuck it up.

I was afraid people would get mad at me if I “emailed them too much.”

Don't worry – people who believe that can unsubscribe.

I don't recommend spamming anybody. But if you offer good, solid, sound information in your emails with a little promo thrown in, you're good.

Hey, it's what a marketer or salesman (or woman) is supposed to do: SELL.


Anyway, I stumbled across this training for Aweber last night and bought it.

I also bought the PLR rights to it, so I can sell it as my own.

I should probably sell it for $50 or more. But I've got it up here for $20:

Aweber Training

It's 20 videos. The videos cover the gamut:

  • Overview
  • List Creation and Settings
  • How to Import Subscribers
  • Forms
  • How to Create Broadcasts – Part 1
  • How to Create Broadcasts – Part 2
  • Follow ups
  • Blog Broadcasts
  • Basic Automation
  • Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Parsing & Integration
  • Introduction to Campaigns
  • Creating Campaign Messages and Specific Campaigns
  • Creating A Trigger and Using the Canvas
  • Actions
  • Customize Actions
  • Activating and Editing a Campaign
  • Conclusion and Campaign Wait Time

All this and more, of course!

Get it today.


PS – You can get the Aweber training today for $20.

OR you can be even smarter and become a Level 1 member today and get the Aweber training PLUS:

  • WP Prime
  • WP Content
  • Internet Marketing 101
  • WP Speed
  • Niche Marketing
  • Checklist Marketing
  • The Mind Method

Now, it is a $10/month recurring membership. I am adding loads of content every week, so you'll probably never run out of training material.

Got Digital Dust?

If you do, this report should be right up your alley!

I bet you think you can't make any money by being organized.  


Like, your closet is amazing! Now how does THAT earn an income?  

Well, it doesn't.  

But the crap you keep in your closet or garage could very well be sold. Like that classic Atari system – you could probably sell it on eBay for a ton of dough.  

(Hey, maybe I should sell mine!) Hahahaha.  

The crap inside your computer could be worth a lot. But how would you know if you store all your downloads in the “downloads” or “Documents” folder?  

It's time to take an assessment of what you have and how what you have can help you in your business.  

I have just the tool to help! It comes from a marketer I've followed for years – Paul Myers.  

He just sent out an email two days ago about “The Fortune at Your Fingertips.” I picked it up yesterday.  

The methodology Paul shares is really helpful. Basically, you organize what you have into several buckets.  

And you ask yourself, “How can this help me…?”  

Paul “buckets” these things into 7 buckets – I won't tell you what they are, you have to buy the report!  

But I will give you an example. That PLR report you have hiding away in some obscure folder on your 3rd external USB drive?  

Ask yourself this: How can I turn that into my own product? Or, how can I use it to drive traffic to my site? Or, how can I use it to get more subscribers on my list?  

Get it?  

Get it.  


P.S. – Paul includes 3 more reports in a package:

  1. 22 Hot Buttons
  2. Psychology of Selling
  3. Resources 2019

Each of these is super valuable on its own. Together, at this price? NO BRAINER.

An Idea You Can Steal

affiliate marketing bonus idea
Affiliate marketer? Here are some ideas for bonuses you can offer.

I've been thinking about a different business model to try out.

If you've been keeping up, you know that I'm digging in on affiliate marketing and building niche sites to drive revenue from affiliate sales.

One cool way to build affiliate income is not just by “pre-selling” a vendor's product but by offering complementary products and services to the vendor's offer.

Another way of saying that is “offer really cool bonuses in your affiliate offers.”

Know how when a marketer tells you about The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread? And how he says if you buy through my link, I'll give you these really cool bonuses?

Well, YOU can get in on this, too. Here's what I'm going to do. Feel free to steal this idea, with one caveat:

You tell me how it goes. Tell me your successes (and failures) if you try it.

It's pretty easy to make valuable bonuses.

But first, you have to find good affiliate products to promote, or pre-sell.
Once you've done that and have been approved as an affiliate, go get your link. Cloak it using Pretty Link.

Then create some bonus material for the product. Here are 3 bonus types you can make pretty easily (and cheaply – as in free of money but not time).

  • Graphics, including banners, profile pics for social media, and infographics (you can even outsource this work on Fiverr)
  • Keyword Research (there are free ways to do this and paid ways – bottom line, deliver a spreadsheet showing long-tail keywords they can easily rank for)
  • Articles (most time effort but biggest bang) – these are blog posts they can publish in the niche they're targeting by using the product you recommended

Surely, there are other types of bonuses you can offer. Food for thought.
Make sense? Let me know what you think.

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Any questions, you know what to do.

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