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What Makes Affiliate Marketing Success?

Affiliate marketing is simple…but not necessarily easy.

I've been talking a LOT about niche & affiliate marketing the past 3 months.

They kind of go hand-in-hand.

Cut to the chase – take a look at this. Then read through.

Let's say you're in the MMO (make $ online) niche. Heck, everybody is. Because we all like moolah!

If you're in that niche, one of the best (and easiest) ways to earn a decent income is through affiliate marketing.

In fact, if you're just starting out, it's the fastest way to earning your first dollars.

Of course, as you progress within your marketing journey, you will begin creating your own products & services.

But you NEVER have to leave affiliate marketing behind!

You shouldn't leave it behind because, once you've got the hang of it, it's like money in the bank!

You're not stupid. Why leave money on the table? And think about it: You'd be remiss in NOT telling your tribe about really cool stuff, even if it isn't yours.

Am I right?

I'm right.

BUT…and this is a big BUT (insert Sir Mix-a-Lot track), nobody really ever tells you EXACTLY what you need to know to get crackin' on this affiliate marketing nut.

Well, today, I have the privilege of sharing with you this gem:

Long Term Affiliate Marketing Success

It's an infoproduct produced by Dennis Becker & Barb Ling, my go-to team for learning all about internet marketing.

They are both incredibly good at affiliate marketing. The part I like best about them is they aren't flashy. They don't hype. Their sales pages are kinda BORING.

Just like me! Hahahahaha!!!

Seriously, they just “tell the facts.” And they're wildly successful.

I've met Dennis in person. He's exactly the person you imagine when you read his emails, articles, and blog posts: Down to earth, not hypey. He's smart. So is Barb.

This is a good one. I highly recommend it.

Get it now. And the “upsells” look pretty good, too.

An Idea You Can Steal

affiliate marketing bonus idea
Affiliate marketer? Here are some ideas for bonuses you can offer.

I've been thinking about a different business model to try out.

If you've been keeping up, you know that I'm digging in on affiliate marketing and building niche sites to drive revenue from affiliate sales.

One cool way to build affiliate income is not just by “pre-selling” a vendor's product but by offering complementary products and services to the vendor's offer.

Another way of saying that is “offer really cool bonuses in your affiliate offers.”

Know how when a marketer tells you about The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread? And how he says if you buy through my link, I'll give you these really cool bonuses?

Well, YOU can get in on this, too. Here's what I'm going to do. Feel free to steal this idea, with one caveat:

You tell me how it goes. Tell me your successes (and failures) if you try it.

It's pretty easy to make valuable bonuses.

But first, you have to find good affiliate products to promote, or pre-sell.
Once you've done that and have been approved as an affiliate, go get your link. Cloak it using Pretty Link.

Then create some bonus material for the product. Here are 3 bonus types you can make pretty easily (and cheaply – as in free of money but not time).

  • Graphics, including banners, profile pics for social media, and infographics (you can even outsource this work on Fiverr)
  • Keyword Research (there are free ways to do this and paid ways – bottom line, deliver a spreadsheet showing long-tail keywords they can easily rank for)
  • Articles (most time effort but biggest bang) – these are blog posts they can publish in the niche they're targeting by using the product you recommended

Surely, there are other types of bonuses you can offer. Food for thought.
Make sense? Let me know what you think.

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Any questions, you know what to do.

And don't forget to share this post with your tribe.


Last Time I Mention Hot Profitable Niches

Hot Profitable Niches
This really IS the last time I'll mention Hot Profitable Niches!

This really is the last time. I don't like to harp on y'all about stuff, but sometimes, I have to repeat myself.  

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to break into internet marketing.   Why?  

Because you don't have to create a bigass product. No sales page.  

No email sequence. You don't have to acquire or manage affiliates.  

Nope, you just “pre-sell” a product or service and let the product vendor do the selling, fulfillment, support, management, etc.  

And that's why it's SO IMPORTANT to pick good niches!  

You don't want to be promoting (i.e., pre-selling) stuff that nobody wants.   So do the research!  

Up til now, it's been kind of a struggle to find good niches.  

Well, no more. Hot Profitable Niches teaches all you need to know to be really successful at niche marketing.  

Like I said, I won't mention this course again. To your peril.   Buy it now. Seriously. It's great. I bought it myself and am learning a thing or ten!  

Get it today.

  Some highlights of HPN:

  • The coursebook
  • A spreadsheet with loads of keyword research data (this is invaluable and I'm thinking of adding to it as a special bonus for you if you buy through my link)
  • Best Practices infographic (print it out, post it near your computer)
  • A special report that helps you find even more profitable niches
  • Tools to help in your niche marketing
  • A handy workbook

The meat of the course is the coursebook. The good stuff:

  • Power of the niche – page 4
  • Business options – page 6
  • Should you “niche” or “micro niche?” – page 9
  • Evaluating a niche's potential – page 12
  • Tools for niching down – page 19
  • Refining your niche – page 24
  • Action plan (super valuable) – page 29

As they say, all that and more!   I really like this course. It's going to help me get even better at niche marketing.   I think you should give it a long look. It may help you build some little “side hustles” that earn you consistent chunks of money.

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Any questions, you know what to do.   And don't forget to forward this email to your tribe.  

Cheers, Bill  

PS – I have no idea how long this price will be good for. At any time, this course could rise in price up to its regular retail ($47).

Affiliate Networks

One of the fastest, if not the fastest (and most effective), ways to generate income is through affiliate sales.  

An affiliate sale occurs when a visitor of yours clicks your affiliate link and buys something from the vendor.  

You get your affiliate link either from the vendor or the affiliate network.

It is a link unique to you and tracks whenever somebody clicks on it.  

If they buy, you get a commission.  

It is these affiliate networks where you need to focus today.  

In the internet marketing realm, there are two big players:  

JV Zoo and WarriorPlus  

Go register (it's free) and then start poking around in there for offers (products & services) that you think would be a good fit for your audience.  

If you're in another sort of field (i.e., NOT internet marketing), you may find some good offers at ClickBank.  

It's the granddaddy of them all (at least as far back as I can remember).  

And don't forget to check out specific product vendors, like Thrive Themes, A2 Hosting, Namecheap, and the other tools you will be using. After all, if you use them, most likely your audience will use them, too.  

May as well get your cut, right?  

Here's a link to past emails in case you missed anything: Email Archive.  

Any questions, reach out.  

Cheers, Bill

Easiest Marketing in the World

Bold claim in that title?

Perhaps. But follow along.

I tell you all.the.time to create your own products. Why? Because you control your own destiny, you control the entire chain.

But it's hard. Really hard.

That's why, for my most successful products, I enlisted a company whose sole focus was marketing solid products.

So I sold them rights to the product. And I got a piece of every sale.

It wasn't a huge piece. And it certainly wasn't 100%.

But here's the deal: When you create your own products, pay for ads, enlist affiliates (often at 100% commissions for front-end products), you often come out losing.

Nobody likes losing. Contrary to loser mentality, losing doesn't “build character.”

In fact, losing too much too often puts you back into a J-O-B.



The dirty little secret in internet marketing is what I call “inside-out marketing.” Here's how it works:

  1. Mr. Marketer creates a product and puts it up for sale.
  2. He uses a popular “affiliate network.” He offers to pay 100% commissions on front-end products. (The money is in the back-end.)
  3. Mr. Marketer and his affiliates sell hundreds, maybe thousands of products.
  4. He gets all of those buyers on his email list.
  5. Mr. Marketer then signs up to all the affiliate offers at the aforementioned affiliate network.
  6. Mr. Marketer then “sells” his email subscribers affiliate offers from other marketers.

In short, if Mr. Marketer is savvy, he'll create one hugely successful product, collect thousands of email addresses, and then sell his customers affiliate products

Now, you can choose to be pissed off about that. Go ahead. Or just drop it.

OR, learn something from it.

There is a HUGE lesson to be learned. What is it?

Affiliate marketing is the answer. 

You can literally skip steps #1, 2, 3, and 5.

Why not #4?

Because you're a fool if you don't collect email addresses!

I'll tell you how to do that in the next post. Maybe–if you're good and leave a comment here.

However, today, I want you to go here – there is a bunch of info and a couple of tools offered that won't cost you a penny.

It's really good training.

And don't forget to join my “Tribe” on Facebook!

Disclaimer: Some links I mention in my work are to resources where I'm an affiliate. When you click and decide to buy, I earn a commission. I'm proud to recommend those resources I've purchased, reviewed, or personally use in my own business. You should always perform your own due diligence before buying from anyone via the Internet or offline.

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