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How To Persuade Anyone Of Anything In 10 Seconds

Getting to Yes

Persuasion is really nothing other than getting people to say “yes”

Here's a great article on persuasion – I love it. But then again, I love everything James Altucher writes.

A summary

  • Tell people who you are, using what Altucher calls “method acting”. Stand up, smile, open hands (no clenched fists). You want to look relaxed.
  • Relax. Thugs are uptight. This is about setting others at ease.
  • Remove the Uhhhs, Yeahs, Mmmm-hmmms from your speech. It makes you sound stupid.
  • There are 6 “U's” to remember – Urgency, Unique, Useful, Ultra-specific, User-friendly, Unquestionable proof
  • Know your audience's desires. Speak to them. They generally are – recognition, rejuvenation, relaxation, relief, religion, remuneration, results, revenge, mance
  • Know how to counter objections, which are in the form of – No time, No interest, No perceived difference, No belief, No decision

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