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How to Embed a Google Plus Post in WordPress

Learn how to embed a Google+ post in WordPress

Learn how to embed a Google+ post in WordPress

I've seen a lot of questions about embedding Google+ posts in WordPress. There is a lot of janky information out there on this, so I put together a Google+ post on how to do it.

It's embedded below:

Below are the alternatives I've seen depicted as “working”. They are all using the standard OEmbed method that DOES NOT WORK with Google+.

Alternative #1 – this doesn't work

Please share if you think this would be of any benefit to your circles.

Alternative #2 – this doesn't work, either (note I removed my “vanity handle” and replaced it with my Google+ ID)

Alternative #3 – this doesn't work either (note I removed the “u”)

Alternative #4 – guess what? This doesn't work either (note I removed the “0”, too)

In short, right now, standard “OEmbeds” don't play nice with Google+ posts, so the ONLY way that works as of this publication is the Javascript that Google provides you in Google+.

The above alternatives may work in sites (I have not tested it, but will soon), but they absolutely do not work with self-hosted sites.

WP Secure Pro 2.0 Is Out

It was a long time coming but I finally updated WP Secure Pro to its latest version, WP Secure Pro 2.0. This is a series of videos that shows you how to keep the bad guys out of your WordPress web sites.

In the training, we cover installation, how to choose themes and plugins, best practices around user administration, backups, .htaccess files, and much much more.

One of the best parts about the training is how you learn to protect your site using awesome, free plugins, with all configuration modifications revealed.

Give it a look – it's on sale, too, now through Sunday, November 17, 2013 at midnight Pacific time.

WP Secure Pro

It seems like such a long time ago when I made WP Secure Pro and licensed it to Rapid Crush. Well, it's due for a total makeover and that's exactly what I will be doing over the course of the next couple of weeks.

A lot has changed in WordPress the past year and a half and I plan on not only re-shooting all the videos using the latest version of WordPress (currently 3.6) but also updating the plugins used to lockdown a WordPress installation.

Stay tuned. I hope to have WP Secure Pro 2.0 finished by early September. I don't know when Rapid Crush will slate it for release, but I know they are eager for the updates 🙂

WordPress 3.6 Is Almost Here

WordPress Update

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No real news here – WordPrss 3.6 has been “coming soon” for months now. But it looks like it's really almost here.

According to Mark Jaquith, a lead developer on the WordPress core software team, “We’re down to only a few remaining issues, and the final release should be available in a matter of days.”

Read more here – WordPress 3.6 Release Candidate 2