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A while back, I published a post about having a “Plan B” and how having a Plan B could kill your Plan A.

You can read that here.

But what about the people who are so risk-averse that they actually have a Plan C?

You know who you are.

Always planning, analyzing, thinking about the “what-ifs.”

It's all poppycock.

It's time you throw all that nonsense away and focus on making your Plan A FOOLproof.

THAT'S where you mitigate your risks and maximize your opportunities.

You give it your best shot, knowing full well that you may fail.

Failure is an option.

This isn't the Special Forces, where failure means life or death or the collapse of democracy.

This is the business world, where any success you can name has failed.

Many times.

The trick about failure?

You LEARN from it.

I've ALWAYS learned things the hard way.

Some people suggest that you “fail early and often.”

That's bullshit, too.

ALWAYS TRY to succeed.

But know that failure is likely.

You won't lose every time. Nor will you win every time.

Just know that failure is possible, maybe even probable.

But you LEARN with every failure. Analyze the failures. See what you did wrong, what you could have done to not only avoid failure but solidify your chances of winning.

Make sense?

I hope so.


Plan A, Plan B, Plan C

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