Blog Commenting: Relevance
Comment on blogs that are related to yours

These are short lessons. In the next few lessons, you will learn about commenting on blogs, in general.

Then, you will learn more about the Backlink Search Tool.

But you need a solid foundation before you begin.

So, here goes.

The very first thing you have to remember is that relevance matters now more than ever. In the “old days”, it didn't matter that you, having a sewing blog, for example, made comments on blogs about space travel.

Most people doing that sort of thing were the “SEO types” that  didn't really care about whether your comment made sense, was in context, or had any relevancy to the topic at hand.

No, all they cared about was getting a “backlink” and if they could get one to a highly-ranked or “authority” blog, they would do it – sometimes at any cost.

Times have changed, but my tactics haven't.

I've always been an advocate of making relevant, topical, timely, and thoughtful comments on blogs, for a number of reasons.

You may get direct traffic from comments you make. When you leave a comment, you also leave your name, email address, and in many cases your web site URL.

This is gold.

When your comment is approved by the web site owner (i.e., it's “published”), your name becomes the link back to your web site. Visitors to that web site who see your comment may follow that link back to your web site, giving you visibility that you would not have otherwise gotten.

But your comment has to be good.

And even if it's good, if that visitor, who is visiting a space travel blog, follows your link back to your home page about sewing, he will probably leave right away because he's not interested in what you have to offer.

So make sure that the blogs you comment on are relevant, or related, to your web site.

It's okay if they're not, in certain cases, but make sure that the bulk of your blog commenting is focused on blogs that are
related to yours.

Make sense?

If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll answer it.

Check out the Backlink Search Tool in the Chrome Web Store.


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