Welcome to the September 2011 edition of internet marketing muscle's blog carnival.

Jeff Reed presents This little trick guaranteed to get your phone ringing posted at Jeff and Sharon Reed.

Quaneshia Holden presents Commission Domination Review posted at Quaneshia Holden's Review Blog, saying, “Commission Domination is the latest digital product to be dropped on the IM world by two of the biggest names in the industry Anik Singal and Andrew X. They have also added a lesser known guy to the mix named Jimmy Kim. I haven’t heard too much about this guy, but if he is working with these to guys to create a product, I am sure this wont be the last time we hear from him.”

Ted presents How To Start A Business With No Money Up Front | Authority Articles posted at Authority Articles, saying, “The internet provides a way for anyone to start a business and become profitable with very little up-front investment.”

DebB presents Online Links Always Use http:// First posted at How To Build A Website Quick, saying, “Many people do not put the http:// before the www in your linking efforts. Good policy online is always use the full URL.”

jimmyhudson presents Search Engine Marketing Perth Retaining The Value Of Your Marketing Dollars posted at Web, Seo Marketing Services Australia.

Selena Routh presents 10 Common Problems with Internet Phones (VOIP) posted at Phone Service.

Kate Croston presents 10 Ways Internet Service Providers Could Improve Their SERVICE posted at Internet Service.

Anna Farmery presents Abraham Lincoln on Sincerity and Social Media posted at The Engaging Brand.

Gloria Nilson presents 10 Tricks for Finding ANYTHING on Yahoo posted at Dial Up.

Check out Prospecting posted at Aloe For Better Living.

Amber presents 5 Solutions to Help Maximize Your Online Sales posted at Captured Technology, saying, “One of the most important things you can do to maximize sales is to ensure your web site is doing its job; selling.”

Megan presents How To Start A Business With No Money Using Online Business Opportunities posted at eBay Auction Selling – Make Money Online, saying, “With the affiliate marketing concept, the products and services of other companies will be promoted.”

Steve presents How An Average Person Can Make Money Online posted at Online Surveys for Cash, saying, “I started with Internet marketing three years ago and now I make close to $3,000 a month with adsense.”

Coleen Torres presents 10 Common Uses of Encryption on the Web posted at phonetvinternet.com.

Christine Kane presents 10 Ways to Rapidly Spread Gossip in 2011 posted at Internet Service Providers.

Kate Croston presents 10 Tips for Chatting with a Celebrity on Twitter posted at Internet Service.

Nicholas Fox presents The bet posted at The 100k Bet, saying, “Can you build a $100,000-a-year online business from scratch?”

Costan Alexandru presents Earn money with your blog « Cheapest vacations and business tips posted at Cheapest vacations and business tips, saying, “You heared that blogs can bring you lots of dollars ? Take a look on those tips .”

Gloria Nilson presents 10 Tricks for Finding ANYTHING on Google posted at Dial Up.

Michael Donelly presents Business tips: Customer Satisfaction is the Cheapest Marketing posted at www.anotherway.org, saying, “Save: A reduction in customer acquisition costs Cost to you: Significant effort in training your staff and instilling a sense of identity into your company. Nowadays, most companies prefer to reduce their expenses and shrink their business rather than implement new strategies and product innovations. Statistics suggest that companies are halting new projects and are paying more attention to cutting costs whilst simultaneously generating new customers with increased advertising.”

Kate Croston presents 10 Descriptions of Offerings from Early ISP?s posted at Internet Service.

Lindsay Willison presents 10 Companies that Always Seem to Put You on Hold posted at Landline Phone Service, saying, “There are certain companies I never call unless I have at least half and hour to waste. You inevitably get put on hold, often before you even get to talk to an actual person. I always make sure I’m at my computer so I can check my facebook, email or at least play solitaire while I’m waiting for someone to come on the line. Here are 10 of those companies that always seem to put you on hold.”

Kate Croston presents 75 Reasons Your Home Network is Not Secure posted at Internet Service.

Christine Kane presents 100 Sites That Can Replace Your Cable TV Service | Internet Service Providers posted at Internet Service Providers.

Josephine Chadwick presents 10 Top Reasons People Prefer Online Email Providers posted at Cheap Internet Deals Blog.

Ted presents 5 Landing Page Tips For an Effective Call to Action! posted at Authority Articles, saying, “Blue and orange, green and red… Contrasting colors attract attention, especially when you use them to highlight the important parts of the page.”

Amber presents Top Tips To Rank In Google Products posted at Captured Technology, saying, “You must decide how you are going to post items, you can do them individually or a bulk upload at once.”

Megan presents Why You Should Take An Online Marketing Course! posted at eBay Auction Selling – Make Money Online, saying, “Some individuals take online marketing classes for varied reasons but if you are looking to begin selling products online you need a good course to study.”

Steve presents How To Be Successful In Life By Beating Laziness posted at Online Surveys for Cash, saying, “It is true that the key to success is a combination of hard work and motivation to succeed in this life.”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of internet marketing muscle using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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