Welcome to the June 13, 2011 edition of internet marketing muscle.

Steven Chang presents Lessons Learned For May 2011 posted at Passive Income Online.

Steve presents Twitter Purchases TweetDeck posted at ISMagazine.com, saying, “Twitter continues to improve its service offering with a recent purchase of popular client TweetDeck.”

Steve presents Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Affiliate Marketing posted at Online Surveys for Cash, saying, “PPC traffic remains a great way to get targeted traffic to a website and/or offer page.”

Kevin presents International Business Degrees Online Information – Bachelor Degree.org – posted at Bachelor Degree.org.

Brian Rakowski presents Change Your WordPress Favicon In 3 Easy Steps posted at Regenesis Health and Wellness | Brian Rakowski, saying, “Here is how you can add a WordPress favicon to your online marketing blog without any writing a single line of code or complicated edits.”

Linda Jones presents Top 10 Computer Repair Forums and Message Boards posted at Computer Technician.

ThisIsWhyImBroke presents Gifts For Stock Market Investors posted at This Is Why Im Broke, saying, “Gift ideas for stock market and wall street enthusiasts and investors!”

Lindsay presents Using Twitter to Promote Your Blog posted at The Irreverent Introvert, saying, “A few tips on using Twitter to promote…without being annoying!”

Tony Bennett presents Top 50 Tax Policy Blogs posted at Masters in Accounting, saying, “Paying taxes is a part of our society, and they go to funding programs on the state and federal level, such as fixing city streets or funding social security. Nonetheless, paying taxes is still a heavy burden for most. These tax policy blogs will help you better understand taxes and how to save some money when paying yours.”

Tash Hughes presents Calling all customers! posted at Word Constructions.

Leslie Yoelson presents Top 30 Web Forums for Project Management Professionals posted at Mr. Manager, saying, “In this field, professionals handle projects of all sizes. To get a better understanding of what project managers do, these 30 web forums offer great information about specific trades as well as more general projects.”

Melanie Slaugh presents 10 Bad Habits Picked Up From Being Online 24�7 posted at Internet Service Providers.

John Adams presents Ultimate Mass Traffic Review | Ultimate Mass Traffic Review posted at Ultimate Mass Traffic Review, saying, “An honest and shocking review of ultimate mass traffic internet marketing course”

Mandy Chatsworth presents 7 Ways to Decrease Your Bounce Rate posted at Finally Fast, saying, “In this post we cover 7 ways to decrease that dreaded bounce rate and increase engagment, conversions, and sales.”

JBY presents The Thesis WordPress Theme posted at Blogging Your Passion, saying, “This is a look at the Thesis WordPress theme and why it has been my theme of choice for the last 2 years…”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of internet marketing muscle using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


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