WordPress back-ups made easy
WordPress back-ups made easy

If you've been here before, you know that I am a big proponent of back-ups. There really is nothing worse in your online marketing efforts that waking up one day to a dead website. Since I use WordPress for many of my websites (most, not all), I need a robust, rock-solid back-up solution, and I keep coming back to WP Twin.

There are many WP back-up solutions. BuddyPress, WP DB Backup, Backup Creator, Replikator Pro, etc. There's also the manual way:

  1. FTP your wp-admin “contents” folder
  2. Export your mySQL database

That way works like a charm, by the way.

But if you want something that's super simple, there really is nothing quite as simple and full-proof as WP Twin.

Rapid Crush, the company behind WP Twin, recently raised the price on WP Twin. In fact, they (roughly) tripled the price. I will tell you that at $297 for the “unlimited license” it's still a great deal. I know if I lost ONE website, I'd be out a LOT more than $300 in terms of time and heartache.

However, I know this guy…who has the rights to sell the unlimited license version at a price lower than the old price! Rest assured, it's the same program.

I will not be revealing the link here, but I will be sending out the link to my subscribers, so you should sign up 🙂

You can do that by filling out the form immediately below.


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