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Best Marketing Stories of November 2015


Best Marketing Stories of the MonthBest Marketing Stories of November 2015

I wanted to share with you the best marketing stories of November 2015. This is a new series I'm starting, with the hope that I can collect the best marketing articles so that you don't have to do the hard work.

Now, I understand, this is a near-impossible–if not completely–impossible undertaking, as I can't read everything. But I've been in this game long enough to know who the respectable parties are and they are the sites I visit first and foremost and the bulk of the content I “roundup” here will come from a handful of trusted players.

Without further adieu, here are the best marketing stories I found in November 2015.

The All-New “How to Use Google Plus” Tutorial by Ana Hoffman

Best Marketing Stories of November 2015I used to love Google Plus, so much so that I considered leaving Facebook altogether. I'm glad I didn't take that drastic action – as G+ kind of died a slow death after Google dismantled their team and sent their leader off in the Savannah to die like an old male lion.

Plus (pun intended), G+ didn't offer any kind of advertising to build a bigger audience, or reach the audience I built there. Facebook does that superbly.

Nevertheless, I kept going back to Plus and I guess the folks at Google were listening, for they brought back Google Plus from the dead and have changed focus, removed irrelevant parts, and added significantly to its core components (collections and communities).

So a lot has changed. Ana Hoffman put together a comprehensive tutorial on using the new Google+ that I think is worth its weight in gold. Read it below. It's good stuff.


How to Launch a #1 Best-Selling Book by Steve Scott

Best Marketing Stories of November 2015If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know–at heart–I'm a writer. All bloggers are. This time last year, I was writing book #4 of 4 Kindle books I wrote in 4 months. I could have used this guide written by my friend, Steve Scott.

He detailed his 5-day book launch plan. It's a simple but very effective process. Give it a read below.


If you just want the high-level overview, you can read my Executive Summary.

How to Get 1,800 Email Signups from One Guest Post by John Gannon

Best Marketing Stories of November 2015Email marketing is still your best bet for a marketing channel. It beats social media by about 4 orders of magnitude. Below is a link to a great blog post about how John Gannon got nearly 2,000 email subscribers from one guest post.

The idea is quite simple:

  1. Write an awesome guest post for an authoritative blog/site in your niche market.
  2. Visitors there will see your awesome post and want to know more about you so they visit your custom page that you link out to in #1.
  3. They like what they see so much that they want to get all of your updates. Alternatively, your offer is so incredible that they take you up on it in return for leaving you their email address.

However, getting #1 down is complicated. It may take a long time. John shares how he got influential blog owners to contact him, rather than the more typical other way around.


Bleak Friday by Steve Dennis

Best Marketing Stories of November 2015This article is, well, bleak. It's a sordid tale of facts about “Black Friday.” Basically, Consumerist America has pulled the wool over our collective eyes and wants us to believe that the deals on the day after Thanksgiving are stupendous (“stoo-pendous?”) and that a good Black Friday means the economy is doing well.

It's all BS. Read the article below by Steve Dennis for more.


How to Use Hosted Blog Platforms for SEO & Content Distribution by Rand Fishkin

Best Marketing Stories of November 2015I'm an “SEO guy” at heart. So I love articles by guys like Danny Sullivan, Matt Cutts, Neil Patel, and the man who wrote the piece below featured in this roundup, Rand Fishkin of MOZ fame.

Any time I can find a new or better way to amplify my reach, I'm interested. In this article, Rand talks in his famous “Whiteboard Friday” about how to use hosted blogs like Medium, LinkedIn, Google+, and Tumblr to expand your reach, amplify your content, and build authoritative backlinks to your own website.

It's a good read (or watch–your choice).


Speed Roundup

Here are some marketing articles that were really good, too. Listed without editorial comments because this is the Speed Roundup.

That's it for the best marketing stories of November 2015. Look for another Best Marketing Stories Roundup at the beginning of January. Stay tuned.


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