Best Marketing Stories of March 2016

I wanted to share with you the best marketing stories of March 2016. The idea here is to collect the best marketing articles so that you don't have to do the hard work.

Now, I understand, this is a near-impossible–if not completely–impossible undertaking, as I can't read everything. But I've been in this game long enough to know who the respectable parties are and they are the sites I visit first and foremost and the bulk of the content I “roundup” here will come from a handful of trusted players.

And don't worry – I'll keep you from reading the crap in the internet marketing world. God knows there's a lot of it. And there are more than a few shady characters.

Without further adieu, here are the best marketing stories I found in March 2016.

workflow-engineerFrom Productivity to Workflow Engineering

Great post from the awesome Cal Newport about the differences between increasing productivity and improving workflow.

Incremental changes come from the former, sea changes (can) come from the latter. A neat way to take a different look how we work.



Stuck on what to write? Try these 13 types of content

When I read the headline above, I immediately said to myself: “Crap. 13. Never. Gonna. Happen.”

But then I took a breath, calmed myself down, and read the rest of the post. It's not as horrifying as I first feared.

First, traffic, conversion, and sales. We all want that. That's what these 13 different pieces cover.

Here are the 13 pieces. Go read the post for in-depth descriptions of when to use them for maximum effectiveness:

  • List Posts
  • Ultimate Guides
  • Expert Roundup Posts
  • Example Roundup Posts
  • Rallying Cry Posts
  • Inspirational Posts
  • Educational Posts
  • Lead by Example Posts
  • Series Posts
  • Tools Posts
  • The Getting to Know You Post
  • Q&A Posts
  • Exclusive Resources and Tools



Ten Steps to Starting a Podcast

I love Duct Tape Marketing! John Jantsch covers a lot of ground and he's one blogger worth reading regularly (note: he did not write this particular post but he is the owner of DTM).

As some of you may know, I've started, stopped, started, and stopped podcasting a few times. This guide may give me the confidence, resources, and tools to make it easier.

get the technology. What I fail at is a few of the things in the post below: Picking a topic, format, and length. Plus, I suck at getting reviews and subscribers.

So these 10 steps are very timely to me. Maybe to you, too?



How to Start Creating Facebook Instant Articles for Your Blog: Facebook and WordPress Team Up

Heard of Facebook Instant Articles? Probably not. They are a way to get your content inserted directly into the newsfeeds of Facebook users. And you can monetize them using Facebook ads.

Pretty cool.

This is a handy resource that shows you how to set up a plugin on your WordPress site that allows you to create Facebook Instant Articles from your blog posts.

Re-purpose your content into an audience that spans 1/7 of the entire world's population. Good step-by-step read.



Better Blogging: How to Use Three Powerful SEO Tools Trusted by the Pros

This is a nice little primer on 3 tools you should be using for your blog:

  • Google Keyword Planner: How do your customers talk?
  • Majestic: Who likes and trusts you?
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider: Is anything broken on your site?

After all the Google search engine algorithm changes (Panda, Predator, Poop, and Plunderer — okay, I made all but the first one up), even I forget about SEO from time to time.

But the tools above are still “nice to haves” and know how to use. Give the guide a read and tell me what you think. #Solid.


That's it for the best marketing stories of March 2016. Look for another Best Marketing Stories Roundup at the beginning of May.

If you have a marketing story you want to share, send it to me on Facebook. Either post the link on my wall or hit me up on Messenger.


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