Content marketing is a complex, data-driven process that brings together social media, SEO, blogging, and multimedia to market your brand. Whether your content marketing goal is to build brand awareness, bring more traffic to your site, or drive sales, you'll want to make sure you're not overlooking the process of behavioral analysis. Someone in your organization needs to be dedicating regular time to analyzing who your customers are, where they're coming from, how they feel about your brand, why they're buying — or not buying — your products, and what the value of a new customer is to your organization.

The behavioral analysis process delves deep into your customer data to figure out who you are marketing to, how they're receiving your message, and how that message influences their behavior. Behavioral analysis looks beyond simple demographics like the age and gender of your customers to develop a full audience persona, set performance goals, and optimize the tools you use to deliver your message.

The foundation of behavioral analysis is to dig even deeper, to understand why your customers are responding in certain ways, and to use that knowledge going forward. After each campaign, for instance, examine goal flow and funnels in Google Analytics to see exactly what your customers' process is when they reach your site. Compare your campaigns to see which graphics, messaging, and calls to action were most effective. CopyPress offers this infographic, which examines the components of behavioral analysis, along with an assortment of resources to help marketers and business owners learn more about content marketing.

How Behavior Analysis Can Improve Your Marketing Initiatives
How Behavior Analysis Can Improve Your Marketing Initiatives


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