The Beginner’s Guide to Overnight Traffic

While a lot of us “internet marketing” types like the “bum” method (basically, using free traffic-building tools like article marketing and directory submissions), there's a lot to be said for paid advertising like Pay Per Click (PPC).

Basically, you get traffic 3 ways:

  1. You pay for traffic with money
  2. You pay for traffic with time
  3. You pay for traffic with a combination of #1 and #2

If you want need traffic right away (bills are piling up, your mortgage is due and you just had to spend it on your car that just broke down, etc.), PPC is the ONLY way to go. You set up small advertisements (a lot like newspaper classifieds) and they run on other websites. You pay by the search term and any time somebody clicks on your ad, you pay a “click charge.”

It's simple in concept.

But it's hard in practice. And it can be COSTLY.

I'm getting ready to produce a small report that will give you the ins and outs of PPC marketing. It's tentatively entitled, “7 Steps to Getting Massive Traffic Using AdWords.”

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