Backlink Search ToolThis is a work in progress. There will be updates to it as I discover more and better ways to find websites that are set up to accept comments and/or give a backlink.

NOTE: I have made a Chrome app that you can install in your browser (Google's Chrome browser only). You can find that here. This is NOT an extension – it's an actual browser app that you add to your browser that then puts a link in your “chrome://apps/” directory.

The main benefit of doing this is that you don't have to remember or bookmark the URL. It's always right there in your browser.

By the way, if you like the tool, please leave a review in the Chrome Web Store.

Backlink Search Tool

While I'm testing the BST, it's free, so please use it and tell me what you think.

Very brief instructions:

  • Leave keyword blank for broadest matches, insert keyword to narrow your search or to find more relevant blogs on which to comment
  • Enter your search term (if warranted), then press the ENTER key or the Search button

4 ways to find WordPress blogs to comment on

.com WordPress blogs

.org WordPress blogs

.edu WordPress blogs

.gov WordPress blogs

4 MORE ways to find WordPress blogs to comment on

WP with recent comments. A broader way to find WP comment blogs.

WP with Top Commenter plugin. This is a well-known and popular plugin.

CommentLuv plugin. This is a very popular WP plugin made especially for comments. This plugin seeks out your last blog post and automatically gives you a deep backlink to your last blog post (two links for the work of one!)

KeywordLuv. Another comment plugin that is widely used. You can get a backlink with your chosen keywords in the anchor text.

3 more ways to find .gov sites you can comment on

GOV Forums

GOV Wikis

GOV Discussions

Specialized platforms

These may require a sign up, but they often allow you to insert backlinks in your profile, too. So, in some cases, you get a double-whammy!





vBulletin Twitter Status


MORE specialized platforms–ExpressionEngine

.com from Expressionengine

.org from Expressionengine

.edu from Expressionengine

.gov from Expressionengine

MORE specialized platforms–BlogEngine

.com from

.org from

.edu from

.gov from