This is an introductory post on a bigger topic I will be sharing with you over the coming days and weeks: Asset Stacking.

Oh, man, another buzzword, right, Bill?

No, not really. I've never heard the term. I'm not implying that I coined it – I'm telling you.

The ONE THING I've learned over the past few decades is that assets earn money (duh). Expenses just cost money.

They are not the same.

Assets <> Expenses.

In fact, for the mathematicians in the audience, it's more like this:

Assets > Expenses. By about a gajillion.

building the value of your assets is the key to business success

Except for most “internet marketers,” they spend 10x on expenses and never really acquire any assets. (There I go again with “more math.”)

There are MANY ways to run a business. Picking ONE is hard. It requires determination. Dedication. Acquisition of skills and expertise. You have to convince people you are an expert and that you are qualified to exchange your smarts & skills for their money & time.

Right? That sounds…hard.

Not impossible, of course. Millions of people are doing just this. The super-successful really rich people got that way because they invested all their faculties into ONE THING.

Bill Gates. Warren Buffett. Jeff Bezos. That asshole who runs Oracle. All the oil tycoons.

Leave Elon Musk off the list. That guy's everywhere. (But he's kinda what I'm getting at with the term, “asset stacking,” except on a much smaller scale. You and I aren't starting out with a few million under your friend's rented-out mattress.)

All those dudes got filthy rich (why is that even a term?) by focusing on one thing and never letting up. Even breaking laws and certainly tearing down ethical barriers to break through and come out the other side richer than Rockefeller.

BUT…do you have 20 years to “get rich?” Do you even want to be rich?

Back to Elon Musk for a minute. I just have to tell you, in the interest of being transparent: I don't like Elon Musk, the person. I think he's a sociopath.

But I can't say he hasn't changed the world for the better. Tesla builds great cars. EVs are the present-future. Everybody should own one. (I don't–yet.)

And his other projects/companies are amazing. Space-X is sci-fi in real life. Have you ever seen one of those rockets land itself back on the landing pad, right on target? Simply amazing.

The Boring Company? Meh. But maybe. But I digress. Musk, however, is one dude (the wealthiest) who has been able to simultaneously run several companies that are doing good things.

He has asset stacking down! We're going to explain it for the ordinary folk like you and me.

I'd like to have $10 million. Is that rich? I don't know. But I'm not there yet. Want to know how I plan to get there?

This series of blog posts are going to be the gameplan. Come along for the ride. Sign up to be notified when I post something new. There's a place to sign-up somewhere on every page of this site (I *think*).

(I'm bringing back the “Once a Week Newsletter (OWN)” shortly. That is where you'll find out.)

One asset you can create in a weekend is a podcast. Learn all about getting started, what you need equipment-wise, and promoting it right here.


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