After my last post, the first of many internet Marketing annoyances I've experienced, entitled, Annoying Internet Marketing Business Practice Number 1, about how I hate despise IMers not putting the price to their "most awesome product EVER" in their sales pages, I though I'd rant a little more today 🙂

Rant - Internet Marketing annoyancesA method a lot of internet marketers use is the "Are you sure?" method. This is where you take a look at their sales or squeeze page and proceed to exit. Perhaps their offer isn't compelling enough for you, it's just not right for you, or god forbid, they didn't put a price on their offer!

When you attempt to exit, you get a message box that pops up that — in essence — asks "Are you sure?" You then have two options: Ok, yes, I'm sure, leave me the hell alone OR Cancel.

Cancel does not close the browser tab or window. It either takes you to another page or keeps you on the same page. The second method really doesn't work. But the former does — in some cases.

NOTE: keep reading, I have a trick for you. Skip to the bottom if you read the last page of a book first, just to see if it's worth reading 🙂

So you cancel. You're given another offer. If you're an internet marketer, watch what happens and record how you feel. Your customers are liable to feel similarly.

Often, you'll be offered something different from the original offer. Sort of like when the kid at McDonald's asks if you want fries with that, and when you say "No," he responds with, "Would you like an ice cream?"

Sometimes the offer is pertinent, sometimes it's not. I don't get that one, by the way.

"Would you like me to check your oil?"

"Uh, no thanks, I wanted a Big Mac."

Anyway, sometimes the offer is a less costly downgrade. I get that. The idea is that — for the money — the offer wasn't what the reader wanted. Perhaps price was the issue. Strip down the product and make it more affordable.

Totally reasonable.

But let's say you don't want that offer either. You try to click away. Guess what? You get another, "Are you sure?"


I've seen this occur up to 4 to 5 times on the same website. You just have to keep clicking Ok until the incessant offers cease.

It's like being on a porn page that spawns literally dozens of "related sites" that you may be interested in. Don't like bondage? How about interracial? No, why not 3-ways? Not good enough?

Uh, you get the grim picture.

When this happens, because it's totally freaking annoying, I make note of the IMer and endeavor never to view another of his offers. It's just a waste of my time. I'm a simple guy, looking for simple solutions. If I look at your stuff and decide against it, I'm done. Please don't keep offering me crap.

Okay, for all you "I can't wait to read the whole damned post, I want the shocking ending right now!" folks, here goes.

If you really like an offer and want to buy it, even at the original offer price, do this:

Try to leave. Many times, you will get another offer. As described before, sometimes the offer is completely different, and sometimes it's a stripped down lower-priced version.

But it may be the same product at a lower price.

I actually just saw this last night, where I liked the offer, tried to leave, got a second offer at $10 less, tried to leave, and got a third offer at still another $10 off! A legitimate $27 product was mine for only $7.

Now, if I had done some sleuthing, I probably could have found that final offer somewhere else. But this is the lazy man's way of finding the oftentimes rock-bottom price that an internet marketer is willing to take for his product.

In conclusion, if you like a product, try to leave. When asked, "Are you sure?" click Cancel. See if you get a better offer. If you do, repeat the process. Keep on repeating until you run out of offers. Then, start over, noting how many times you had to click Cancel before the offers stopped. Then buy.

Simple, eh?

And it makes you feel better for having to wade through the aggravation!


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