Rant - Internet Marketing annoyancesSince I'm in "rant" mode lately (too many days at the "happiest place on Earth," perhaps?), here's something that annoys me sometimes and just out-and-out pisses me off other times.

Not putting the price on the sales page.

I "get" why. But it still pisses me off. It's almost like the IMers doing this are so unsure of their price that they just want their potential buyers to get just that much closer  to pushing the "BUY" button that they become more committed to making a purchase that they'll later regret…

Why not just put the price there in bold at the bottom of the page, right above the "Buy" button?


I've gotten to the point that I just click the damned "Buy" button right away, check out the price, and if it's more than I want to pay, I leave.

Alternatively, if I'm in a really pissy mood, I just leave if there's no price. It's almost as if "Hey, no price means free, right?"

This is not a deceptive practice but it just really pisses me off. Thanks for your time today and for reading another rant of mine. Have a nice day 🙂


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  • Thanks Bill,
    i am glad that somebody is talking about all the annoying internet marketing thats going around.I hate licking out of 4 or 5 offers myself.I cant see myself buying something for 200 dollars when its not worth 50.

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