I wanted to let you know that I currently run 2 Meetup groups. One is called "East Bay Internet Marketing for Businesses" and the other is called "Webify Business Club Tri-Valley."

Shortly, I will publish two new pages here that give more details.

But here's the gist of them:

East Bay Internet Marketing for Businesses — primarily it's about SEO. We cover topics like on-page and off-page SEO, WordPress, meta, Google Places, local search in general, and other search engine optimization strategies and tactics.

Normally, we conduct the Meetup on the first Monday of every month (as I write this, we are in the middle of two exceptions, but we're back on track for August) at 5:30pm at the Pyramid Ale House in Walnut Creek, CA.

Webify Business Club Tri-Valley — this one is based on the book "Webify Your Business" and it runs through over 50 topics that you can take back to the office with you and implement right away. Conducted every Friday, we meet at Shari's in Livermore, CA at 7am.

I've been remiss in telling you about these very special Meetups. They're special because each group has like-minded professionals with keen experience in their respective fields. Some of our members are extremely skilled when it comes to internet marketing, too. They bring unique insights and background to every discussion.

Every discussion, by the way, is jam-packed with passion, information, and perspective. We have some lively debates!

I encourage you to join the Meetups, even if you cannot attend in person. We try to share as much as we can with our online members, but obviously you derive far more benefit from attending in person.


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