Internet Marketing Muscle is the marriage of Internet Marketing with Marketing Muscle –


This site arose out of an evolutionary process from my internet marketing activities (mostly as an outgrowth from Muscle-Build.com) and one of the things I write about and work with quite extensively – muscle.

I started my “Muscle” sites a few years back and they grew over time to include several websites, all a little different, but all complementary to one another.

Here’s a partial list.

As time went on and the work I was doing creating and modifying products didn’t fit anywhere else, I decided to build Internet-Marketing-Muscle. Here, you will find a whole range on internet marketing expertise in the form of articles, posts, digital downloads, physical product, and links to other, more authoritative sources.

In short, this website offers you, the Internet Marketer, a whole host of information, some free, others for a price.

As an Internet Marketer, you have unlimited resources at your disposal. There are as many ways to sell as there are grains of sand at your local beach. There are many ways to promote your online presence, and many ways to market the goods and services you offer.

If you're a small business with less than 3 locations, the knowledge you will gain here most likely will give you all the business and customers you can handle. Read more about “local business” here.

On the other hand, you may be a single person operation or have on staff hundreds or even thousands. You will learn something here, too.

Internet Marketing is really putting a system in place to drive targeted traffic to your product offers. That's really it. Certainly, there are skills you should learn along the way, but more importantly, you can outsource nearly all of the “behind the scenes” work that needs to be done while you concentrate on your core business, whether it be plumbing, cake making, carpet cleaning, or computer repair.

Those things take highly-specialized skills that you're already quite adept at. What you will learn here is the step-by-step process to put in place to maximize your internet marketing activities, using strategies, tactics, techniques, and tools that are readily available in our global economic market place.

I encourage you to follow this site intently, as I will reveal some really cool stuff that will make you money in short order. Like I said before, everybody can learn something here.

If you'd like to contact me or just hang out at your favorite spot, check these out:

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