About Internet Marketing Muscle

Internet Marketing Muscle

I run this place. That's me, up there, in cartoon form. I am a team of one, with a few helpers and contributors, here and there. But mostly, I'm a one-man “team.”

I started this little site back in April 2009, with the express goal of teaching, leading, and showing the way for aspiring internet marketers to learn the ropes of internet marketing.

Since then, I've coached dozens of folks and businesses various aspects of online marketing, from blogging, content marketing, and marketing on Facebook, to building authority, gaining exposure, and building their brands.

I've spoken at numerous online and offline events (those things where you get up and talk in front of real, live people).

Now, I mostly do the following:

[su_service title=”Teach Digital Marketing” icon=”icon: check-square-o”]Teach classes about digital marketing, social media, WordPress, and blogging. Expect a big push in this area shortly.[/su_service] [su_service title=”Client Work” icon=”icon: check-square-o”]Work with select clients to develop their businesses into passive & semi-passive profit centers.[/su_service]

To learn more about the things I do (without any obligation whatsoever, except letting me know your email address), it's best to sign up to my email subscriber list. You can do that below or on virtually any page on this site – just look for the sign up box.

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