A new beginningAs you probably noticed (at least I hope you had), I haven't been very active here on Internet Marketing Muscle. I had been spending most of my time as a co-contributor to Profit Pathz, a website put together by my former joint venture partner, Bryan.

Bryan dropped a bomb on me the other day, saying he wanted to go his own way. I was startled, but also not surprised. Neither of us had devoted 100 percent to the Profit Pathz cause, and we flailed around for almost a year.

We launched a really cool product, put it on a couple of forums, and had some moderate success.

Everything we did after that seemed half-hearted (on both sides) and misdirected. I think we tried to do too much with far too little.

Lesson: F – O – C – U – S

We really should have stuck to our knitting (showing people how to do stuff for their online marketing business), but we really missed the mark on nearly everything we did.

I share the blame. It was a learning experience. JVs are a lot like marriages: You can really like somebody but not build a very good relationship. That's what happened here.

We're still friends. We're just not partners any more. And that's okay.

It's time for a new beginning.

You will see a lot more here on this site from me. You may even seen some posts from Bryan 🙂 We've agreed that guest posting on each other's sites is a great idea.

I have a renewed focus. I will share with you everything I'm doing right here or on my other site, BillDavis.me.

That site will have a slightly different focus.

This site will be all about internet marketing.

So, let's begin!



Focus, Internet Marketing, new beginning

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