One of the pillars to online success is a good webhost
Pick your pillars wisely

There are a few pillars you need in order to build a sustainable, long-term online business.

A good webhost is one of them.

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I want to say,

[su_pullquote]A webhost can make or break you.[/su_pullquote]

But for most of us, especially when we're starting out, that's really not true.

It IS true that a bad webhost can break you. But a good webhost won't make you–your information will do that.

So, unfortunately, webhosts are kind of a dime a dozen, insofar as they all feel the same until something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Then you'll wish you had gone with the better webhost 🙂

But you don't really need an all “bells and whistles” webhost until your traffic warrants it. And if you pick a good one out to start, you may be able to just buy more horsepower if and when you need it.

That's kinda cool.

There are 2 webhosts that I stand by. And I have accounts at both. One lets you start out slow, build up over time, and pay more as you need more power and features.

The other is a thoroughbred out of the gate. Oh, you can pay more as your needs grow, but you start out at step 10.

Two Good Webhosts

Either way, check them out:

As I said, I like them both. If I were just starting out, I'd go with the first option and scale up as my traffic rose.

UPDATE: A2 Hosting just introduced their new “Build your own VPS” plans starting at $5 per month – pretty cool! Just add the services you need to customize.

vps hosting
You may find that you never outgrow it.

Truth be told, I have nearly all my sites on LiquidWeb at the moment. That's not a condemnation of A2. Rather, it's because I put all of them on LiquidWeb before I even knew about A2.

I've had some really bad experiences with webhosts like Bluehost, Host Gator, and Namecheap. So bad, that I've vowed never to use them again.

(By the way, I love Namecheap for domain registrations but not for hosting.)

Pillar One | Pillar Two | Pillar Three


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