fork in the roadAs you may have guessed in my last post here just this morning, I have been busy. It seems as though my business really has split into 2–maybe 3–pieces.

I hate the terms “online” and “offline” but they may be the best way to describe them to you. Better yet, maybe we can describe my business in other terms — Products and Services with Consulting thrown in to bridge the gap between the two.

Rather than esoteric or nonsensical labels, let's just put it this way:

  • I build websites and put together social media and SEO campaigns. Those are services I provide.
  • I create information products. These products are generally related to the services I provide. For example, I may make a product that addresses a particular facet of search engine optimization.
  • I also consult. I help entrepreneurs and businesses establish an online presence and market and sell on the web.

So those are the 3 parts of my business.

I feel compelled to split those parts across three unique but related websites, just to make it easy for you to know where to go to find the things you are seeking.

In that light, then, this site will be dedicated almost solely to Services. That is, this is where you will come to peruse my services and contact me if you need any work done. There will be a consulting component here, as well. Call this my “Offline Consulting” piece. will be where I showcase my product creations. This shall be my “Online Consulting” piece.

Finally, the Coaching Academy will be where I teach you to perform the Services that I provide for a fee.

The Coaching Academy is pretty awesome. You get one hour's worth of consulting time with me each month for a low $97 fee. Additional hours can be had in $97 increments.

This is a great deal because I normally charge $250 per hour for consulting.

But I digress.

If you're on any of my subscriber lists and you just don't feel like you're on the right one, please by all means unsubscribe from the ones that are no longer pertinent and subscribe to the ones that are.

You can do that here.


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