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You’ve read this series and now you’re really ready to take action. Here’s a shorter-version run down of what you should be doing to find a profitable niche.

First, brainstorm possible niches. You can brainstorm based on desperate needs you have or have had. You can brainstorm based on things you’ve heard in the news or problems and solutions you know are currently possible.

You can get ideas by looking at how the popular “how to” books and products are doing, on Amazon and off. You can scour through Amazon categories and subcategories to get ideas. You can visit the magazines section at Amazon or use Magazines.com to get ideas.

When you choose a niche, you’re going to make sure it’s very active—there has to be a lot of activity surrounding it on the web.

You have to ensure you’ll enjoy being in the niche. It really helps if you’re passionate about the topic or if you can become passionate about helping the people in the niche.

You’re going to ensure there’s a lot of sales activity in the niche as well. There should be a lot of products and books for sale already.

You’re going to find your specific niche within this niche. You’re going to differentiate yourself and your products and the way you help the people of the niche.

Once you find a good potential niche, vet it. Look at the potential for profitably, the activity on the web (websites, blogs, news,social media, forums, and more), and how you might provide solutions to this hungry market.

If it all looks good, you’re going to enter the niche. You’re going to execute your business model, whether that’s creating info-products, writing books, creating blogs or websites, or whatever you prefer.

Takeaway: There are dozens of ways to find profitable niches. Pick one or two and go for it!


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