I am not a lawyer. What you read below are general guidelines on what pages you ought to include on your own web site. Consult with legal professionals to determine what YOU need to do for YOUR particular situation.

It's always important to cover yourself and your internet marketing business, and by including the following pages in your web site, you will go far in keeping the legal beagles at bay. Plus, having these pages on your site is good for your visitors.

About Page

Yes, you need an About page. This is the place where you can tell your visitors a lot more about yourself than they can glean from your blog posts. It's a great place to tell them more about you and it gives you a chance to be more personal with them. Plus, it gives you a chance to establish trust. It's an essential page.

Contact Page

Provide your visitors a way to contact you. Of course, you could just tell them your email address (you can set up a “catch all” email inbox), but this leaves you open to spammers and their spambots. What you really should do is use a good plugin like Custom Contact Form. This plugin is easy to use but it offers a lot more options than the contact form plugins you may read about.

When a visitor hits your contact page, they fill out some information and the plugin emails you. That way, you don't have to reveal your email address to anyone but you can get back to your visitor right away.

Terms of Use

If you use your web site for your business (and who doesn't, really?), then you need a Terms of Use (“TOS”) page. On this page, you detail what rights your visitors have to your content: If or how they can share parts of it, what they can do with the material, and so on.

Privacy Policy

This page is of critical importance. It absolutely needs to be posted on your web site. This is the page where you tell visitors what you will do with their information. States, the Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are really clamping down on web sites and it seems that they are tackling the privacy issue first and foremost.

So please address this as soon as possible.

Earnings Disclaimer

While this is not a required page, I recommend that you include it, especially if you sell any products or services that your visitors may construe as  “how to make money”.

Legal Pages Method

  1. Create each of the 5 pages.
  2. Make a menu that includes each of them.
  3. Place that menu in the footer of your web site.

While you don't necessarily want to bury these pages, you don't want to highlight them either. You are not trying to hide anything, but the last three are legal in nature and the only requirement is that you have the pages posted and they are easily found. That is why you place them in a menu in your footer.

You can look at the pages I have posted as examples only to determine what they ought to include.

You should also place disclaimers on each of your product/service pages that tells your visitors exactly how you may benefit from them using, renting, or purchasing your products and services. It may seem silly to say that you will earn money if they buy from you (duh!), but it's becoming clearer that you may want to (over)cover yourself in those circumstances.


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  • For quite a while now I have had official notice of my affiliations that result in either cash, trade, or just getting free toys. I suppose I need that Terms Of Use now too though ….

    Thanks Bill.

  • Bill,
    It’s amazing, but these basic pages are still omitted from sites by some webmasters and businesses. Here’s another: the 404 error page. Many miss out on serious potential by not customizing this. It can be customized for lead generation or sending visitors to a popular post. In short, about anything but just saying “You reached a page that’s not available.” is advantageous. Put an offer there.


  • Geez, here’s another page you’ll want to post – your thank you page for email subscribers. On that page, be sincere and tell your new subscribers how much you value them, what they can expect, and you can even throw in some suggested reading.

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